Zyllztárr Firesword (known as simply Zyll) is a senior member of TARP and a traveller, writer, and Half-blood warrior not to mention having a passion for pie.

History and Background

Zyll was born to Tirai Ztárr, a warring Telmarine, and Alassé, one of the peaceful Water Elves from an uncharted sea of Middle-earth, betrothed during the long war between the two races, much to the families' disagreement. The War was a dangerous time for Alassé to become pregnant, so, at the command of her dying husband, she ran away on land to who knows where far from Middle-earth. A Water Elf cannot journey far without  replenishing of water, especially for a pregnant mother. Luckily, she stumbles upon the house of Kirn, in a small Elven village, a mysterious old Elf from the less fair race, whose appearance was more like a man than an Elf. Finding Alassé in desperation near his house,  he brought her in, where she died in giving birth to a girl. Kirn is now face to face with an experience he's never been through as he makes a decision to bring up the child. He knew little of the baby's parents, except that Ztárr was the family name of a race of men, revealing the fact that the girl was a Half-blood of the two races at war. He named her Zyll. Zyllztárr.

Early Years

From then on, the day that Zyll entered the dwelling of Kirn, the ancient Elf's life was never the same. Having never brought up a child, much less a half-blood of two warring races at that, he was faced with a responsibility he did not much care for. Zyll was a loud, boisterous girl, finding trouble often and enjoyed practicing it all on the village children (and her caretaker). These years were agonizing for Kirn, yet slowly, he became attached to the ugly black haired, brown skinned half-blood orphan and without really knowing it, became like her adopted father. 

Zyll was extremely different from the others in her distasteful looks, wild actions, and rash use of words. Her eyes were even stranger still, as they were blazing orange and almost hypnotizing. The other children made fun of her but they were also afraid of her unexpected strength, which could only be what she had inherited from her father, a Telmarine. It was not long until she was held in great dislike of the whole village, but Kirn loved her and he could detect in her something unusual, almost like an unknown power, and also couldn't help but notice how open the mind of the child was. Zyll was a happy child, though she was treated as an outcast, as she enjoyed being different and being able to entrench fear in others, another trait she had inherited from her father that would come in handy in the future. Kirn hardly noticed anything elf-like from her mother. But that was to come soon in her training, in which Zyll started when she was 7.

Training and the Art of Fire

Kirn first taught her how to survive on her own, how to build forest shelters, hunt, and make a fire. Kirn was amazed, however, at how quickly she caught on to the art of creating fire. When she was told to cause friction between two stones, Zyll used only one, rubbing it against her palm. Kirn was also bewildered at the interest Zyll had in fire, how her orange eyes rested on the flames unblinking. Kirn then knew he was right, when he had thought Zyll had an unknown power, and, keeping this a secret, he trained her more and more in the art of fire until she was able to create a small forest fire just from a whetstone in the palm of her hand. Now putting faith into the unusual half-blood after finding out this new power, he taught her other things, such as courtly manners, stealth, making apple pie and swordsmanship. Zyll caught on easily at the skill in combat with swords and Kirn could easily see the grace of her Elven mother play out in the beauty of the quickness Zyll had with the blade. Zyll thoroughly enjoyed this, as she dreamed about chasing the older village children with a sword, but Kirn then taught her the reason of swords and their job to protect and not intentionally inflict harm. Zyll was a bright student, but this teaching she did not take into heart. However, she was loyal to her "father", (for she never knew about her true parents and believed that Kirn had been her real father from the beginning.) When she was in her early teens, a healthy, strong girl with a fiery soul and a quickness to learn, Kirn finally revealed to her the story of her parents from what he had heard from the Elve maid, her mother. When Zyll heard this, Kirn was amazed to see the child's first emotion of sadness. She quickly developed a passion to seek the kin of her parents, and that was when Kirn began to tell her stories of the outside world. Zyll listened with wide eyes and ears as she drank in the tales of war, adventure, heros, evil kings, dragons, romance, talking beasts, magic, and a strange story about the real age of Kirn. Finally, Zyll was dreaming and longing for adventure outside the quiet uneventful village of Lansatore and she pleaded Kirn that she may go on a journey to see the world. Kirn knew she was old enough, responsible enough, strong and knowledgeable, but he wasn't ready to let his beloved adopted child go. Remembering her skill with the sword and her power with fire, he spent another year of training with Zyll and soon he had tied the two together, the sword and the fire. "Now when you encounter enemies, you shall send them pain and death through the sword...but also with the flame." Leaving Kirn was the first hardest thing Zyll went through. She hated leaving the only friend, teacher, and parent she ever knew, but in the end, her burning yearning for new life and adventure took over, and she left Kirn, in his small house.

The Journey

The reason for the journey was Zyll's thirst for adventure, her passion to meet the kin of her deceased parents, and...well gah, just to get out of that town and find some excitement. She was ready for it after all. On the way she would meet friends as well as enemies, encounter all kinds of adventure, learn and grow in status, warfare, logic (undoubtedly), magic, space (and time) travel, and learn the reason for why Vader decided to blow up the planet Mars. The future was just there, simply waiting for her to catch up.


Not pretty or ugly, Zyll's features are plain. About 5 1-2 feet tall, and moderately thin and lanky. she has waist long black hair that is usually kept down loose except for during duels and fights and bright orange eyes. She has pointed Elf ears, graceful build, and a tan skin color she inherited from her dark father's kin, altogether making it obvious she is a half-blood. A long black tunic with a belt and black leggings and boots is her preferred attire. She NEVER wears skirts or dresses (except a black skirt at the monthly TARP balls) While traveling she wears a dark cape with a hood, especially in places where she is known for her notoriety and will likely encounter more enemies than friends. She almost always carries a knapsack bag where she keeps other necessities such as a book, a journal in which she writes accounts of her days on the Journey, and one or two apple pies with which she charms new acquaintances. On her belt are two sheaths, a slightly zigzag one for her sword (flambard) and a small short one that is barely hidden for her knife. 


Definitely not the most sociable, Zyll is quiet, thoughtful, and even often careless from time to time. When she gets angry, she launches into a steaming temper which takes a while to cool down (thankfully this doesnt happen often.) But she is always very stubborn and strong-willed, never lacking determination. Whenever something happens that is worth being excited about, Zyll has a tendency to become a bit...well, overexcited, which leads to a hyperactive bubbly girl, heading towards plain ol randomness, for which she is an expert at. During times such as these, emotions and awkward sentimentality come strong. This sudden change in personality is, for some people, something a bit hard to get used to.


(During one of Zyll's first adventures with Meg)*during a difficult situation in which escape is needed* Zyll: We can get outta here using my machine that travels through space and time

Meg: what, you mean a TARDIS?

Zyll: a what?! No, I made this myself from a junkyard a few gal'xies away

Meg: TARDIS. It stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space

Zyll: ohhh *kicks open door to machine* Kirn never told me about TARDIS... *they escape eventually. If I remember correctly it was from Steve.*