My appearance

My name is Zoë Wingfeather. I'm 17 years old. I have brown hair with waves and curls. My eyes are green.

I wear a low cut green blouse with brown leather leggings, trimmed in silver. I also wear a simple brown cape secured by a chain when the weather is appropriate. I carry a brown satchel slung over my shoulder and I wear a brown leather belt with a silver buckle. Attached to my belt is a sheath, which holds a rapier. The rapier is silver metal with a single emerald in the hilt. Because of my "rich" look, many have tried to rob me. laughs No one has succeeded. I have multiple daggers hidden in the folds of my clothing and my quick fingers have saved me the immense "pleasure" of having my belongings stolen more than once. 

As for my personality, many say I'm arrogant. Maybe I am, I can't tell. I'd say I was more...confident. I'm a gambler and that's how I get most of my money and my enemies. I'm extremely lucky--so much so that I've been thrown out of bars just for winning too much. I'm a prankster too. I suppose that's a side effect of being reckless, which of course I am. I'm dangerous too. No one willingly turns their back on me when I'm their enemy. I love to travel and I haven't settled down in one place since I was young. I've been on several adventures as a result of my traveling. The first time I went on one, I knew it was how I wanted to live. So I wander where I will and get into trouble, then go on an adventure. Most people find me a great asset because of my sword skills--I was made a Sword Mistress by my mentor when I was just 14. 

I grew up on a small farm in the country with my parents and brother. Life was simple. But I wanted more. So when I was 12 I ran away from home. I remembered an interesting stranger who had stayed at our house around a year before and set out to find him. I eventually did find him, after a year of searching and sleeping under hedges. He said he remembered me as well, and remembered my skill with a wooden sword my father made for me. I asked if he would teach me how to fight, and he agreed to become my mentor. So we traveled the land. He taught me how to use the rapier (which I preferred more than any other sword), how to survive in the wild, how to build shelters and how to earn money. After two years, he named me a Sword Mistress. I was his equal. He told me he was once a Sword Master, but that he had given up that life. 

We traveled together for one year more. One day we were captured by bandits and kept for several weeks. I watched him waste away in front of me. He died of malnutrition on the same day I had found him, three years earlier. I escaped the bandits in my anger and killed them all. 

From then on, I wandered around on my own, searching for adventures. I stay in inns, gambling and putting on shows with my daggers for a room. And here I am, stranger. Now, who are you?