"This is a library. But not just any library. This is a library of thought. Of reason. Of magic. Every thought, every dream, every moment is recorded and filed in various forms throughout the never ending shelves of Xyzzy. Come one, come all, seek and ye shall find. But a word of caution. Knowledge is power. Extraordinarily dangerous power..."

thumb|400px|link= Xyzzy Library is a strange and wondrous place. Filled with rooms brimming with all the knowledge the earth has ever known, it is an amazing place to visit and therefore is on a frequent basis by the members of TARP.

Founding[edit | edit source]

No one knows who founded Xyzzy, or how it started. It seems to have always existed, growing larger every second. Rumors are that Merlin had dealings with the expansion of it at one point, but besides that it remains a mystery.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

Room of Geographical Expansion Politics, Floor 233.

The rooms of Xyzzy have never been counted, for though there are at present over 1500 floors, many of the upper rooms constantly shuffle and re-arrange themselves at will, therefore making it virtually impossible to do so. The lower floors, 1-1300ish, are considerably more stable and are usually very stationary, though around 32 A.D., history and time was so shaken by a certain death that all of the rooms frantically reshuffled themselves and it took the librarians over 200 years to find and re-catalog all of their positions.

The rooms range from Roman politics to fairy psychology and almost any and every answer can be found in Xyzzy. As time unfolds, Xyzzy adds to itself accordingly, and it has been estimated that around 2-3 rooms are created every 30 minutes.

Room of Philosophical Theories, Floor 421.

They generally place themselves in correct categories, but sometimes the librarians must deal with a "rogue room", one that cannot seem to make up its mind on where to settle and constantly appears in random categories. Once, the room of "Mongoose Variations" was recorded as placing itself inside of another room. Unfortunately that room happened to be the "Cobras of the Sahara Desert". It took 40 librarians 3 days and 2 nights to restore peace.

Methods of Preserving[edit | edit source]

Department of Legends, Floor 577: Every heroic legend ever told is carefully placed inside a red leather bound book whose enchanted pages unfold and tell the story through means of paper illustrative scenes. Security Clearance 3

Xyzzy librarians use many varied methods to preserve information. Everything from scrolls and living marble busts to corked vials and enchanted books are employed in the neverending quest for storage and protection of information. Some methods are less involved; novice librarians are allowed to handle books, scrolls, and other more commonplace storage, while some methods require the experienced hand of a HeadKeeper alone. Different security clearances are given as methods of preservation and departments are ranked on fragility, importance, and danger. There are 10 security clearances at present and though there are rumors of an 11th, this is superstitious gossip.

Department of Time, Floor 237: Particular minutes and seconds of time are copied in mist form and locked inside individual brass clocks, and then filed chronologically. Security Clearance 6

Department of Dreams, Floor 853: Dreams are captured by means of enchanted dreamsnatchers, boiled down to a glittering, luminescent form often confused with the appearance of fireflies, and then sealed in glass jars and categorized chronologically according to the alphabetical listing of the dreamer's last name. Security Clearance 8

Xyzzy Librarians[edit | edit source]

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