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Yeah, you heard me right, I have the power of everything here puny mortal, and if I don't like you.... I probably won't do anything BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT!!!! You will learn to fear my name.... because I write books in the dark.... and that's really scary.....

Don't say I didn't warn you

Olaf Whitsen, ultimate nerd/geek, ask me any question and I'll probably be able to answer. I would put a list of my favorite books/movies/Tv shows, but Pandora doesn't give me enough room to write my Bio so :P Pandora. I am the founder of TQSC (the questionable sanity club) and a member of NAP and TARP (nerds at pandora and the annoying role-players). I invented the use of f*rt as a swear word on Pandora (seriously, why would you bleep f*rt out?). Well, moving on from nonexistent cuss words, If you guys have any suggestions or would like to see a sample of my writing I might not notice but I'll probably give you a link to my doc if you ask for a sample

Oh, and if I find cuss words on any of my pages, you will never see them again, mark my word... except for f*rt (see above)

ultra-RP map found here:

Character list (Numbered for Randomizer):

  1. Olaf Whitsen
  2. Polnaya
  3. Oscar
  4. Firestriker
  5. Harper
  6. Trevor Carmichael
  7. The Three
  8. The Merchant of Viademort
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