The United Federation of LEGO (UFL) is a large (that means there's a lot, they aren't any bigger) organization of sentient, violent, LEGO creations. They insist that all land in the world is actually owned by them, and have engaged in numerous conflicts to defend said land.

Abilities Edit

LEGOs under the UFL have greater range of movement, and large piles of them seem to be able to build themselves autonomously, and LEGO tools seem to act as if they were the tools they actually represent, (such as laser guns shooting lasers, lightsabers cutting through lego bricks, chainsaws spinning, cars driving, etc.) albeit on a much smaller scale, so most damage caused is minuscule. However, just before their first encounter with TARP, they built a LEGOnater, which converts it's targets into LEGO's for one hour, in the one hour, the LEGOs gain the advantage