Trevor Carmichael was born in L.A. during the 21st century, he was the director of the Western Hemisphere for the Time Travelers Youth League for thirteen years before being fired and banished for direct disobedience against the code of the TTYL. He fought for the rights of free time-travel organizations such as TARP, and was present during the TARP/Revamped meeting.


Trevor was raised in L.A. by his grandmother, and often switched schools because he didn't get along with his classmates. When he turned fifteen, he recieved a mysterious letter from a Doctor Wiehed, who requested Trevor's presence at a seminar for talented young people. At first Trevor ignored the letter, because of his lack of social skills, but they persisted daily, until he finally gave in and chose to attend the seminar. But when he entered the auditorium, it was completely empty