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Badge found during the "Dream Sequence Adventure"

The 2013 time vortex

The Time Vortex

The Time Travelers Youth League (a.k.a. TTYL) is the human side of the largest time traveler organization in the history of the universe. Other species have their own groups that are all linked to the TTYL, the overarching sector is impossible to find, and it is written in legend that it is made up of representatives of the greatest time-travelling species in the world. Among the Gicasii, they are known as the White Sun Court, among the Time Lords, they are the Prydonian Chapter, the Jedi have a secretive section of their order that are added to the mass, as of yet, the Half-Bloods have not been added (Relative Time), though Time-Travel is being revealed to more of them and the neccesity that they form their own division is becoming necessary.  They are the closest thing to a law enforcement of time, but seeing as how there are no real rules of time, they mostly keep track of all time travelers, and all who are not registered in the TTYL logs are dealt with.


There are very few ways to join the TTYL. Most of them involve you already having some time-travel (or as they like to call it, Jumping) experience. They require new members to undergo a series of tests that show loyalty, skill, and the potential for ferocity.

Test 1Edit

The first registration test involves new members to search for an item placed in a set of areas, the items range in historical significance from crown jewels to personal belongings of powerful members of state. Members are given a 48 hr. period to complete the task, and travel with a Senior member to assure that they truly follow the 48 hr. period. This test is done to test skills at communication, speed, pattern recognition, problem solving, and "quickness of tongue" as the situation may call for.

The task is given three times before they proceed to the next Test

Test 2Edit

The second registration test has new members track another time-traveler and apprehend them for long enough while a hit squad takes them out, depending on skill level they will either assign the newbie to a senior member of the TTYL in a practice run, or a real time-rogue. This test is done to test for speed, time-jump accuracy, loyalty, and under proper circumstances, ferocity.

This test only needs to be completed once.

Test 3Edit

This third test requires new members to enter a largely populated area and stay their for a period of time approximately three Earth years. During this time they will be guided in their activities through various methods. This testing is done to test for patience and loyalty to the extreme.

This test needs to be completed twice, and if fails, requires new members to either restart the process, or if the situation becomes to extreme, terminated.

Dealings with TARPEdit