His prefered form in the wild

Spirit Wolf by Corza334

as he draws on the power of the earth to protect it

The Wandering Guardian is a mysterious being. A shapeshifter, he has no name, nor does he speak. Rather, he communicates through telepathy, using images, ideas, emotions, and concepts. He is an avatar and guardian of nature. His friends are all the plants and animals, and the earth, and he can communicate with them, and even call on their aid. He is the embodiment of Natures cruelty and wonder, its power, and fragility, its harshness, and beauty.

When in the wild, his most common form is that of a large, grey and white wolf with azure blue streaks running through his fur. when in the company of humans, he will usually be seen as a tall, tattooed man, clothed in animal skins, with a long bamboo staff.

To those who seek the forest no ill will, he is seen as an omen of good fortune, as he will aid those who give thanks to the trees and the earth. However, to those who bring harm to the forest, he is seen as an omen of death, as those who see him tend not to return from the forest's depths.

While he may befriend a human from time to time, his first priority is to protect the forest. If he sees someone unnecessarily chop down a tree or kill an animal, it does not matter who they are, he will not hesitate to rip out their throat.

Mother Edit

That being Mother Nature of course. Mother Earth. His creator, teacher, guide, protector. The Wandering Guardian and Mother both work together to protect the forest. She will not speak to any but him (it may be that he is the only who can hear her).

{Revamped TARP} Edit

The Wandering Guardian has been tasked by Mother, to go with the {Revamped TARP Characters} and protect them. She claims that their purpose is not yet fulfilled, and they will face many dangers along the way. Reluctantly, and without a shred of enthusiasm, The Wandering Guardian went with them. In an effort to better blend in, He has taken the name Orome, and speaks as a normal human would. However, these efforts have been met with limited success, as he still has trouble grasping human concepts such as money, or cosmetics, and he flat out refuses to take normal cloths and continues to wear his animal skins when in human form no matter where he is.

The Beast Below Edit

Down under the plains of Giascam, lies an ancient monster. An old god, chained and bound in an age before man. A Dragon. In the age before mortals, the fire beast and his disciples waged war on the gods, laying waste to all they had created. Nothing could destroy him, neither blade nor magic could pierce his hide, and his Death fire consumed even metal, burning it to ash. The gods could not kill him, but they could subdue him. They tricked the beast into coming to a new world of which they had just made. He came, intent on destroying it. Then the Four lept out of their hiding places, and threw great chains upon him, and anchored them to the earth. They then placed powerful spells and enchantments on the beast, casting him into a deep slumber, never to wake. The Beast has been asleep ever since, and over the ages, the earth swallowed him, And he passed into legend, then into myth, then into rumor, then into nothing. For 25,000 years, the Beast passed out of all knowledge and all seemed well. But while the Beast had been subdued, his followers had not. In his time he commanded a great army of all manner of beast and monster.