View from ground. (Photo credit: Xandra Trelawney)

The unique headquarters that grows to make room for all members of TARP, there is no such thing as a full map of the clubhouse, due to it's chaotic nature mirroring its tenants. Many miniature RPs take place here, and it is the typical meeting place before quests. 

All members of TARP have an individualized room in the clubhouse designed specifically for them, and all doors lead wherever you want them to.

View from above. (Photo credit: Xandra Trelawney and Hypersthene)

List of Rooms[edit | edit source]

The Clubhouse increases in size for each member of TARP, and every door leads to where the person who opens it wants to, it was discovered on accident later that each person had been given their own room after joining TARP, that automatically fit to the person's own needs and style.

Abigail's Room[edit | edit source]

Her room is relatively small, since she tends to sleep in her TARDIS. It has two sofas, one facing the other. There is also a coffee table and an old TV set. The remander of the room is empty, to accommodate her Shed. The wall behind one of the couches has several bullet holes from Abigail shooting at it.

Bilbo's Room[edit | edit source]

A circular door yawns open, letting light spill through like tea from a kettle. As it creaks open, the soucre of radiance envelopes the senses, welcoming the journeyer home. All along the wooden floor there lay maps, books, and forgotten remains of knowledge from a time where dragons fought men, men knew valor, and valor gave hope. The light splashes down from the ceiling, where a simple, unadorned chandelier about wizard-height hangs. On the walls are pictures, drawn with a graceful sense of elegance, of not only Bilbo's parentage and heritage, but of something, someone else he hopes to grow into. Around the corner lies a large kitchen (it's gotta be lagre, think about all those second breakfast's) and a warm hearth. Did I mention the surround sound throughout the room? Oh yes, 5.0 digital surround, wired to an old fashioned record player. Perfect for jamming out to Howard Shore or Mumford & Sons. A doorway leads into a wooden bedroom, with more books, maps, and yes, vinyl. A projector is playing 'We Bought a Zoo' on the wall. As you complete the circle through the tunnel-like halls of Bilbo's room, you find yourself saturated with a peace, a feeling of well-being, and ultimately, of home. And adventures come. And adventures go. Friends come, friends go too. But there is one thing that will never pass away, never fade, never grow old. And that is home.

Elessar's Room[edit | edit source]

door sign:




with the words "Olaf waz heer" scratched into the bottom of the sign

Evenstar's Room[edit | edit source]

A royal blue theater curtain covered with twinkling silver stars hangs from an archway instead of a door.  The circular room is based on the theme colors turquoise, blue, and purple with glass and marble elvin pillars around the walls.  The floor is covered with heaps of fluffy rugs, big pillows, and piles of books everywhere.  A huge rotating glass bookcase with a ladder rises to the ceiling in the center of the room, overflowing with books and scrolls.  In one area there are a couple of blinking computers and an old fashioned movie projector.  The walls are covered with old maps, my drawings, and shelves that are piled with books and weapons (and a smiley face with gunholes and arrows in it).  A grand piano takes up another area with sheet music scattered all around it.  Paper, pencils, half-finished sketches, and more books are scattered all over the big casual pile of pillows and blankets that serves as a bed.  Against the wall is a big marble chest overflowing with various clothes, weapons, and a stash of chocolate.  Near the piano is a large balcony.  Music is constantly playing, usually soundtracks and room smells of coffee and chocolate.  The whole room is covered with a fine coat of glitter, due to lack of dusting.  The ceiling is covered with glow-in-the-dark stars and has a painting of the TARDIS flying through the stars.

Maxine's Room[edit | edit source]

Upon opening the room, you find it's ceiling is quite high, three or four normal stories in height. The ceiling is painted with stars and such(AKA space). The walls are not normal, they are literally one big book case. Tunnels branch off at ground level some leading to a kitchen, computer room, training room, and such rooms that visitors usually use. (still writing this)

Meg's Room[edit | edit source]

Pale blue door with Celestial Bronze doorknob. Inside has deep purple walls, with an assortment of posters and photos with friends on the walls. The desk is a mess, piled with everything from wanted posters to unfinished homework from seventh grade. The bed is also a mess, with what seems to be a lackluster effort of building a pillow fort. Random weapons are hung in closet along with clothes, and the bookshelf is ready to fall apart with the weight of so many books. White Christmas lights are hung everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Maps of various realms, such as Narnia and Wonderland are pinned to a board above the desk. Post-it notes with bad puns and pickup lines written on them are stuck to the computer and walls. Objects from everywhere from Budapest to Asgard are placed on every surface. 

Nevah's Room[edit | edit source]

Plain white door with a sign on it that says "BEWARE OF FLYING MONKEYS". Walls painted a soft lilac and covered in various pictures, posters, and artworks. A loft bed with weapons store beneath. A large TV mounted on one wall, with a coffee table (with a vase of bamboo and various DVD cases atop it) and sofa in front. Dual pentacles and incense in the far corner. Two rats named Faquarl and Jabor. At least, they're in the form of rats.

Olaf's Room[edit | edit source]

Door is made of thick maple, and decorated with a swirling binary pattern engraved by iron, translates into, "The song unchanging, the song never-ending, the song of fire and ice and ash, the song of love, the song of fear, enter young pup, and meet what you last expected." Inside is a room full of holographic displays, papers and maps thrown all over, and three large bookshelves filled to the brim, without any actual shelves. Up a small flight of stairs lies a much tidier bedchamber, with a bed pushed to a side, a semi-neat desk in one corner, and taking up most of the room is a giant telescope, on the wall opposite the bed next to the door is a set of hooks for various items.

there are some scratched out burn marks near the top of the door, probably from some lazy attempt at patching something

Percy's Room[edit | edit source]

"As soon as you open the door to Percy's room there is an elevator activated by hand-print scanners, only a few are allowed to enter the son of Poseidon's room. You take the elevator all the way down to the bottom, the doors open up revealing a very large open area with no windows; the main source of lighting is completely you can see there are few other light sources, the walls are sea blue, the room has polished oak flooring, in the background there is music playing (the music is magic so it changes itself based on Percy's mood, or what he is doing at the time). In the far left corner of the room there is a fountain for Iris Messages; far center, there is a king sized bed with nightstands on either side, both with lamps on them for decor; far right, there is a desk for studies, the desk chair will also commonly have a hoodie on the back of it. Once you step out of the elevator, to your left there are many TV monitors with security feeds on every screen, to the right there is a huge HD TV mounted to the wall for video games and watching sports. Percy's room also has additional to the left there is a big pool are on the other side of twin glass doors. To the back of the room, next to the right nightstand is a wooden door leading to a master bathroom. Finally, the door on the right side of the room, the shiny steel door with many locks; on the other side of this door is Percy's personal armory and training area (Percy's armory is rumored to have so many weapons that even Percy himself doesn't know what all is there)." *Percy turns the video camera on himself* "So guys, this has been a very very rare look into my room...if I...erm, I mean Percy..if Percy catches you in here you could die...HAVE A GREAT DAY!" *Percy turns off the camera and sighs*

Xandra's Room[edit | edit source]

Midnight-blue door is flanked by two upside-down, silver torches flickering with pure white fire. Both the handle and the door-knocker are cast in enchanted silver and the door-knocker is molded like a raven's feather. Inside, the vaulted ceiling is magically painted to look exactly like the night sky and the walls are shimmering silver in color. One entire wall is covered in pictures from various adventures/places, sketches of people and monsters from dreams, and photos of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. Over in the corner several tediously leaning towers of books reach almost to the ceiling. Weapons are hung on random nails and pegs behind the door (if they are lucky enough to make it off the floor), and an old-fashioned roller desk is almost invisible from all of the paper, maps, books, and tea mugs covering it. Two large, floor to ceiling windows flood the room with light in the day and hundreds and hundreds of snowy-white candles placed on several shelves around the room illuminate at night. A large hammock bed, covered in fresh, fluffy pillows, is hung in another corner, near a decent-sized fireplace. Above the mantle hangs a small tree branch, steadily dripping white liquid into an assortment of copper pans. A small fish-bowl sits on the nightstand next to a large vase of crimson poppies and is inhabited by a deep blue, Betta fish named Telemachus.

Zyllztarr's Room[edit | edit source]

Room has five walls, the walls, floor, and ceiling all black. On the largest wall is a large map of the Fantasy World with strange markings of the places and journeys Zyll has been to. Opposite that wall are other rolled up maps of other galaxies and solar systems and taped to the wall are a few sketches of designs for a TARDIS. On the other wall are two large bookshelves full if yellow paged books and falling apart journals and other records. On the far side of the room is a large fireplace with a comfortable chair where Zyll spends hours simply watching the leaping flames during sleepless nights. The room smells of old musty books...and fire occasionally (room has no fire alarm).

RipTide's Room[edit | edit source]

RipTide's room is in the shape of a plus, with a large dark purple crystal rising toward the ceiling in the middle. The crystal has a small 1" hole in it in the shape of a hexagon. If a key is inserted into the hole, the crystal will activate a teleportation ring engraved into the wooden floor of the room. Depending on which key is used, the user can be teleported to various locations. On the bottom side of the plus is the door and some bookshelves. The door has a small control panel next to it, only RipTide knows what it does. The left side of the plus is a kitchen, complete with mini fridge and blender. The right side is a bedroom. This contains a full size bed, a couple bookshelves, a lamp, and a guitar hanging from the wall. The top of the plus is the living room. This contains more bookshelves, this time with large strange looking books on them. On top of the bookshelves are maps, and photos of RipTide's many adventures and friends There are a few chairs, and a flatscreen TV against one wall. RipTide's room also has a closet and a bathroom, both accessible from the bedroom. There are various unique weapons randomly placed around RipTide's room.

Avior's Room[edit | edit source]

Avior's room is more tall than it is wide, the ceiling is around forty feet tall and is made of glass to let the starlight in. There are ten platforms on the walls that Avior uses. The floor is not made of wood like normal rooms, instead, a thick layer of soft moss covers the floor, shaded by the giant willow tree in the center of the room. The willow is easily climbable, and thus the branches lead to many different platforms that line the walls. Avior's walls are painted in a pretty olive green color but as you near the ceiling, the green is blotted out by purple, pink, blue, yellow, white, and lime green glowing crystals on the top three platforms, acting as nightlights for Avior as she sleeps on the top platform and reads on the lower two. By her moss bed are her laptop, tablet, and phone, and in the corner of that platform is her violin, sitting neatly in its case next to heaps of music. The ninth and eight platforms house thousands of books, scrolls, maps, and some movies and games (Witch she plays on her laptop) There is a decent sized pool of water on the seventh platform where Avior washes, an assortment of weapons and magic relics on the sixth platform, (This platform is also shielded by many spells incase anyone should try to steal them) The fifth platform has food, the fourth platform is used for clothing, and the last three are for guests, complete with soft moss beds, wash pools, some glowing night-crystals of the guests choice color, and a mirror. The ground floor is for relaxing and maybe now and again, some card games. Avior's room also has a stone door that can only be opened by her magic.

TARP Common Room[edit | edit source]

The common room is a large stone walled room decorated with tapestries depicting various adventures. There are four entrances to the Common room, one from the large foyer, one to the balcony, one to the ballroom, and another to the kitchens, however there isn't a table in the common room. The foyer room is large enough to hold a thousand people, or a hundred when there's a fight going on. Along with Tapestries depicting adventures, on the back wall there is a giant Tapestry which has the faces of every single member of TARP, new, old, retired, and long since gone, faces are added to the Tapestry, but never taken away. It may be noted that each face in the tapestry is framed with things associated with them.

The Ballroom[edit | edit source]

See full page ---> The Ballroom

The Ballroom is where the TARP Balls take place on the sixteenth of every month

The Mural Room[edit | edit source]

Deep below the twisted, sturdy floorboards of the TARP common room lies another, secret room. It was discovered during the somewhat disastrous attempts by Meg and Xandra to fix the ancient dumb waiter system in the Clubhouse. Xandra seems to have some previous knowledge of the existence of a secret level, due to something she read, and therefore asked for the dumb waiter system to be repaired in the first place, but this has been unconfirmed as of yet.

This secret room is clad in molding, crimson wallpaper that hangs in massive sheets helterskelter off the walls, and under a massive layer of dirt, dust and grime, the appearance of gilded tile can be glimpsed on the floors. It appears to have been a once grand and beautiful room, but has suffered under centuries of neglect. Aptly named "The Mural Room" due to the presence of a fantastic, ornate mural spanning the entire ceiling in a massive recounting of TARP adventures, this room is still unexplored and practically nothing is known about its history, purpose, or contents. The mural seems to be done in Greco-Roman fresco style, but a specific artist has not been named. Lack of physical traces cause this mural to be commonly regarded as the work of magic and this may very well prove to be the most viable and logical explanation. The subject of the mural spans from the beginning of TARP to present day and includes almost every major moment in its history.

It may be noted that the ceiling is rapidly running out of room to house the ever growing story mural. The ramifications of this are still unknown.

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