NOTE: This article is written from a real-world perspective, because, you know, even TARPers like talking about boring things sometimes.

TARP was in its golden age. More members were joining than ever before and Pandora was filled with wild adventures and fantastic stories. Senior members were admitting more new TARPers every week and there was almost always a role play going on at any given time. These were the glory days of TARP, where friendships blossomed and role plays were fun, invigorating, exciting, and always filled with merriment.

But as is the case with most good things, it was not to last.

Rising Tension

Amongst the flood of people clamoring to join, some with evil intent snuck in. Slowly they rose to the surface, rearing their ugly heads higher with every passing day and lashing out at any who tried to stop them. It began with the questioning of the "no swearing" rule. Mild swear words began cropping up in role plays, and the senior members quickly stood to silence it. Words were exchanged and though the swearing backed down, tension appeared between certain new members and the seniors. Soon after this, sexual innuendos and flirty role plays began to appear on Pandora, carried out by those who claimed "member of TARP" on their profile. Again the senior members rose to oppose this, but the tide of dissention was growing stronger and they were met with mockery and blatant contempt for the rules.

Clashing Opinions

Bullying became prevalent. The group of dissenters began lashing out towards those they deemed "unworthy" of role playing, mostly younger, newer members that had not fully grasped the logistics of RPing. They considered themselves to be helping TARP by "weeding out" those who were not "talented" enough to claim membership. The great irony in this of course, was the fact that most senior members considered the dissenters themselves to be weak role players. Any senior members that jumped in to defend the victims were also verbally attacked. Potter was the main champion of the younger members, fighting the cyberbullying tooth and nail. Stations were created by various senior members including Percy, Fira, Evie, Potter, and Greatwall to attempt restoration of the peace through the instruction of new members in TARP rules, proper role playing styles, and good conduct. These were scorned by the dissenters and the bullying continued, despite the valiant attempts of many members. The rift grew even wider and both sides began to recognize the conflict that was brewing on the horizon.

The Break

Many things could claim to be the flash point of the conflict during the winter of 2013, but none as prevalent as the creation of a station by Marquis and Frasco dedicated to sexually explicit role plays, aptly named, "Draco's Porn Station". This was the very last straw for many senior members. Fighting broke out between the two sides, words and accusations flying through the virtual air of Pandora. People were blocked and sides were chosen. Those who had once called each other friend now turned their backs on one another in favor of their stronger friendship ties. The polarization of Pandora was palpable. Those who stood with the old ways of TARP planted their feet in their conduct rules and morals, and those who stood with the dissenters defamed the senior members as "stuck in their ways" and "judgmental", calling for open-mindedness and fluid rules. Hatred was whipped up by the dissenters; any new members that joined were quickly fed lies and biased opinions about the senior members and their rules. Slowly but surely the new members turned against the old ones. With a heavy heart, the seniors watched as the TARP they had known and loved crumbled around them.


For a while, Pandora was at an impasse, both sides refusing to give an inch to the other. But as time went on the fighting worsened, and the dissenters gained ground. Their ranks rose steadily, for almost every new role player on Pandora was quickly indoctrinated and sucked into their side. As they swelled in strength, the senior members began to weaken. Classic role plays grew nigh impossible under the barrage of abuse and spam that the dissenters injected out of spite, and many who had been with TARP since the very beginnings of its conception decided it wasn't worth the fight and left. The golden days of TARP seemed like a dream, and the senior members who stayed shook their heads and prepared to embrace defeat. The future was bleak.

But Evie had an idea.

The senior members would leave their beloved TARP world for a new one. Here they could role play in peace, hidden from the bullies and hatred of the dissenters. They could watch TARP from afar and visit it occasionally. It would be a secret land, and only a select few would be given the key inside, but it would be built on the hope of someday returning to the original land when the time was ripe.

It was a brilliant plan. Three senior members, Evie, Potter, and Xandra, quickly and quietly spread the word to the true, faithful TARPers and organized the flight to the new land. By the time the dissenters got whiff of this scheme, it was too late. The senior members were gone from Originals and headed for a place to wait out this storm of fighting, a place of quiet security and a fresh start.

A place named PRAT.

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