"Releases papers biweekly on Tuesdays and Sundays, tune in to our intergalactic 24/7 radio station at ZNEWS. Call 1-800-I<3-NEWS to enter our weekly competition for a chance to speak on our deifically famous radio station and speak with the greatest radio hosts on this side of everything."


About Edit

Comprised almost solely of the sagacious duo Renato Uccello and Thyme, the Omniscience is a cutting edge news service that offers both a weekly radio show and a biweekly paper publication. The term "cutting edge" can be used to describe its expeditious and accurate report of current events, as well as its sharp-witted, derisive perspective on said events.

The Team Edit

Renato Uccello Edit

Job: Reporter, main author, radio anchor. Tools: Invincible notepad, mechanical pencil No. 2, fedora. Notable Traits: Cutting wit, frequent exaggeration of events (albit entertaining), extensive knowledge of Star Wars literature.

Thyme Edit

(assumed to be pen name It's not a pen name you idiots it's my actual literal name!)

Job: Photographer, editor in chief, radio anchor. Tools: 1953 Bolsey C22 camera with flash bulb attachment, cinnamon gum, TARDIS hair bow, combat boots. Notable Traits: Sassy nature, probing questions, frequent mockery of subjects, twisting events to be more "interesting."

Curly Cues Edit

Job: Intern

Wastes company time drawing stupid- actually, this is pretty good, I think I'll put it under the art section for the next publication.

Cetus-6 Edit

Job: Investigative reporter, radio anchor. Tools: 1970s Earth tape recorder, vacuum-proof microphone, highly specialized respiratory system. Notable Traits: Brutal honesty, remarkable tenacity, amphibiousness, a winning smile.

History Edit

The Omniscience's origins are unknown.