A psychotic serial killer floramorph who takes up the disguise of a merchant to attract his targets. Vural Demirci has been convicted of 37 separate cases of mass murder by the TTYL, 15 cases of unlawful public execution, 3 cases of widespread urban arsony, and 1 case of insurance fraud, creating a grand total of 469 Earth years in TTYL custody.


Viademort was born in northern Turkey on the southern border of the Black Sea during the 7th century. He discovered his powers when his drunken father tried to beat him and he grabbed a branch of mullein which immediately grew large thorns and turned to steel. After his father's body was discovered a few hours later, the village tried to banish Viademort, who turned the entire year's crops into stone, a week before harvest.

After that incident he began to travel the world, collecting plants and flowers from around the world, using them to attract targets before slaughtering them, usually with whatever they were interested in.

Encounter with TTYL Edit

Viademort first became aware of external events in Northern Tuscany. A rich estate owner requested a personal appointment with Vural at his home, but as soon as he entered the house he was seized by a group of soldiers, there he was offered a place in the TTYL by Trevor Carmichael, before he had been promoted to the position of Director of the Western Hemisphere. Demirci accepted Trevor's offer for a full pardon on his crimes, and joined the TTYL.

Leaving the TTYL Edit

Vural never got very far in the TTYL, his violent personality was deemed a threat by many superior members, so he received few promotions. After 3 years in the TTYL, Vural was sent on a mission to confiscate some anachronistic technology in London, 1963. After the TTYL had apprehended the culprits, his superior officer caught Vural torturing one in a side room, having a rose vine grow into their mouth and down their throat, while slowly turning into cold steel. The officer tried to stop Vural, but he snapped, yanking the length of steel out of his victims body and thrashing it the TTYL member. The officer narrowly dodged the branch, and drew his sword, cutting at Vural's face, leaving a nasty scar through his eye.

Vural didn't even wait to be arrested again by the TTYL, he ran immediately, using his skills that he had learned from the TTYL to hide and escape in various points in time, always leaving behind a trail of twisted carcasses.

Appearance Edit

Vural Demirci has dark skin, and long black hair that he rarely cuts. He enjoys dressing with floral patterns, or in shades of green, typically dressing somewhat elaborately, but not exclusively upper-class. He never wears an eyepatch, always showing off his cut eye, which has lost its color since it was initially cut.

During jobs, he will have some kind of cart, that is applicable to the time era he is currently in, from which he will sell his deadly goods.

Personality Edit

The Merchant of Viademort has little along the lines of anything that could be referred to as "sanity." After killing his father and being banished from his home town, Demirci spent years nurturing and holding on to the fear and hatred the people he met held for him. The only reassurance he had in the world was his own abilities, the thing that made him different.

Transcription of Dialogue between Vural Demirci, the Merchant of Viademort, and Trevor Carmichael on the day of his first arrest.

Carmichael: Why do you do it?

Demirci: They fear me, because I am different, these people, they don't understand differences, and so they fear them, anything that doesn't fit in their little bubble terrifies them.

Carmichael: And you kill them for that?

Demirci: No, I don't kill them because they fear me, if they merely feared me, as you do, then I wouldn't kill them, but these people, these simple people, they hate me too, their fear causes hatred, yours causes curiosity, and a desire to overcome your fear, but these people, the peasants that they are, when they see something they fear, their first instinct is to destroy it.

Carmichael: So is that why you kill them? Because they want to destroy you, so you destroy them before they get the opportunity?

Demirci: *laughs* no, because a preemptive strike like that is a sign of fear, I do not fear, fear has been sucked from me, I do not even hate them, I kill as a lesson, to teach people that their is a power greater than them, I kill so that they WILL fear, because their is nothing more glorious than knowing that the peasant before you is at your complete mercy, both your mercy with the blade, and your mercy with the soul.

Carmichael: I don't quite follow

Demirci: Have you ever held a sword to someone's throat? Had someone begging to you on their knees, before you casually removed their head from their shoulders? Have you felt the surge of strength and victory from having complete power over a person? At this moment, they will do anything for you, because your blade controls their body, and their fear controls their soul, that is why I kill, for that moment where I am the most dominant being in the world.