Living Shadow

Ever notice something in the corner of your eye that wasn't quite right? A quick twitch of movement, but when you look, nothing's there, just the shadows in an empty room. You convince yourself its nothing and turn away, but when you come back, something isn't right, something's changed. Nothing's moved, you're sure of that, but the room is different. You think back, and a chill goes down your spine. You remember seeing a shadow on the floor, but nothing was casting it, and now its gone.

Traits and Hunting Tactics Edit

The Living Shadow can look like anything it wishes to. From a shapeless blob, to a human, to a wolf, to a sofa. It prefers to stay to the shadows until ready to strike, then swiftly and silently

Abilities Edit


History Edit

Many years ago, a powerful Necromancer by the name of Aknandaur was found and killed by the White Council. But before he died, he was able to enact a spell which gave life to his shadow. If you will recall, the Egyptians believed that the shadow was a sort of backup, an image of the soul. Now, the Shadow of Aknandaur

His shadow has been going around killing people and taking their shadows, if it gets enough power, it will be able to create a physical body for it