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The Four Suits: Love, Fear, Ambition, and Knowledge, are recurring enemies of TARP, who's focus and plan is to constantly "Keep the deck of the world shifting" and so will use their control over man and others for good or bad, maintaining balance by constantly shifting it.

Love/Amar (Hearts)[edit | edit source]

Most known through his representative Cupid, who introduced the concept of using physical manifestations (namely arrows) of their power to increase subtelty. Since that introduction they have become the most common way for the Four to interact with the mortal world.

Amar's domain allows him to control personal relationships between people, either drawing them closer or pulling them apart. Because of the more obvious and immediate effects involved in his domain, he is typically the most powerful of the group and such is the de facto leader. Any other reasons behind his leadership have not be identified, but they are suspected to exist.

Fear/Noli (Spades)[edit | edit source]

Noli's domain is over the dark and hidden things. He controls fear, and all things related to it, along with giving his targets fear, he is known to provide courage, or even take fear completely away, which can have as negative an effect as it can a positive.  

Ambition/Impotentia (Clubs)[edit | edit source]

Impotentia controls ambition, the desire for power and control, as well as feelings of dominance. Like al the others of the Suits, he has the ability to give and take away regarding his domain, and will turn greedy dictators into timid mice without a second thought.

Knowledge/Adagnitio (Diamonds)[edit | edit source]

Adagnitio is perhaps the most subtle of the Four, often giving or taking understanding from his targets without them noticing at all, however, when he needs to, he will dramtically reveal information.

Author's note: While he has control over knowledge and information, he is still fully capable of LYING. False knowledge is knowledge nonetheless.

Dealings with TARP[edit | edit source]

The Four Suits have had numerous encounters with TARP, rarely through direct means, often sending various minions and underlings to do their bidding.

Cupid[edit | edit source]

Cupid, the Lieutenant of Amar, has a mischivious streak, and will often bring couples together for no other reason than the fun of it. Before the Days of Hiding he plagued them with his heart catching arrows. Also encountered the Revamped during the Amusement Park incident

Anagondi[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant of Noli, encountered the Revamped during the Amusement Park incident

Hamagi[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant of Impotentia, encountered the Revamped during the Amusement Park incident

Znanje[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant of Adagnitio, encountered the Revamped during the Amusement Park incident

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