Description Edit

Abigail Storm is a Time Lady who is at least seven hundred fifty years old. She currently is pale, with straight brown hair and blue eyes. She generally can be found near her TARDIS, which takes the form of a white shed.

Biography (From UNIT's Files) Edit

A four year old girl was found on the doorstep of the house of Mr. and Mrs. Storm. She had no memory, and the only possessions she had were the clothes she was wearing. The couple, who had been trying for a child for several years when the girl appeared, took her in and treated her as their own child. The unusual circumstances of her appearance aren't what tipped us off at her alien origin, however. Nor was her precociousness. What did was her drawings, which looked suspiciously like Gallifrey Falls (No More). However, at that time, her biology was human.

At age 14, she went to college. She started traveling with the Doctor (See personnel files) at age 15, but still managed to get her bachelor's degree at age 18 and her masters at age 20, although she was likely older non-linearly. At age 21, she saved up enough money to open her own practice. Soon after she opened it, she stopped appearing at her check-ups, although Torchwood did not see the problem with this. At age 42, she disappeared completely after reportedly being shot. The official opinion on the matter is that she regenerated. I did.