Main Room

The TARP Ballroom is the place where all the monthly balls take place on the sixteenth. It is never used for any other RPs, but it has seen its fair share of action.

The Full moon ball of March[edit | edit source]

After a month without the main leaders of TARP, the ballroom had begun to degenerate into a chaotic semblance of what it originally was. The Full moon provided just enough light to clean it up a bit, and some dancing also happened, but the music was solely from a beatbox provided by Firering. (Fira)

The Ballroom after being abandoned for a month

The Secondary Ballroom[edit | edit source]

The Secondary Ballroom, otherwise known as the Great Hall, is generally used for events other than the monthly Balls. Sometimes TARP will make the decision to host a ball here, especially if the main ballroom is in disrepair, but this is a rare occurrence.

Secondary Ballroom/Great Hall

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