(This will be completed in the coming weeks, as it is currently happening on Pandora) (the details in this may not be exactly true to history, but, whatever who cares lol)

The Auton War Edit

Chapter 1: New Recruits Edit

It all happened in fall 2016. TARP had just elected a new leader, and ramped up their recruitment game. To train these recruits, TARP had set up a New Recruit Training Center, where recruits were exposed to a series of controlled situations in which they would be tested. During one of these tests, a few new recruits along with some trainers were hanging out in Times Square, when the unexpected happened. Suddenly, thousands and thousands of soldier-like Autons poured in to Times Square. Nobody knew what to do, and chaos ensued. Will this be the end of our recruits? What happens next? Read the next chapter to find out!

Chapter 2: The War Begins Edit

Luckily, RipTide was very near, as he was taking a nap on top of One World Trade Center. The instant he saw the Autons, he ran quickly to Times Square, where Argus and Mercy were already fighting them back. Riptide quickly joined in on the fight, using his palm-stones to blaze a path of destruction through the incoming enemies. "Why are these guys here?!" He said in desperation, as his magic energy was running out. "These are Autons, coming to destroy New York," Mercy explained. As she was saying this, Riptide's palm-stones began to misfire. "Crap, I'm running out of energy!" He called out. Mercy instantly flew over and somehow used her suit to recharge his magic energy, but since two out of three fighters were down, the Autons quickly overcame Argus, who had to retreat. (please edit this later: sometime during the fight, a child by the name of Abigail was found smack-dab in the middle of the Auton army. I don't know how significant this is, so I did not include it. If it ends up being important, I will add that in somehow).

Chapter 3: Regrouping Edit

Fast-forward some amount of time. New York City is utterly decimated. Only a few stragglers remain. Our heroes are scattered throughout the US, after having been defeated by the Autons. We focus on Riptide, who is in his mountain cabin in the Carolinas:

Riptide paced the room, contemplating the information he had just received. An anonymous source had recently informed him that the Autons were on the way to Washington, D.C. Why? No one knew. "Aha!" He said, as he came up with an idea. He opened his spellbook and shouted, "Universalis messagento!" Instantly the walls shook as a swift message traveled to each of the heroes. Within days they were gathered at Riptide's cabin, where they boarded Mercy's jet and began to fly to D.C. While on the plane, Mercy presented Argus with a new Zero-Point Energy sword, and Riptide found a new group strengthening spell. They quickly arrived in D.C. Philedelphia, and exited the plane.

Chapter 4: This has not happened yet lol Edit

(The info after this is coming from me, ilikerandom. Riptide, you can edit it later, but we need to update this, and my memory is starting to fail on some stuff)

(Going to add Philedelphia bit later)

While in DC, the group splits up. Argus, Charles, and Evelyn were originally sent to investigate the weapon hidden in the monument, while Mercy and Spooky were to keep the Autons at bay. Charles and Evelyn eventually join this group, because they wanted to. After a little bit, Mercy decides to join Argus in shutting down the weapon, but instead finds out he was a spy for HYDRA (??? Not really sure on this Wolf Icefang you're going to have to edit this). They fight for a few moments, then Mercy goes on a rampage, killing everyone in her path and eventually reaching the weapon site. She downloads all the information from it, then proceeds to blow it up. Argus makes it out, along with Mercy, but the monument gets blown up. The Autons shut down, and everyone contributes in the effort to rebuild the monument (relatively fast). The group then discovers that HYDRA has been building weapons in all the (new) natural wonders of the world (this also includes the Pyramids of Giza). They decide to fly to Rio de Janeiro to take care of the weapon at Christ the Redeemer.

---At this point, the comments section of Pandora was permanently disabled. TARP was forced to move to discord. They tried to continue this storyline, but were not able to regain the spark they once had. Thus, the Auton War Chronicles will never be completed. Thank you for reading. With love, ~Riptide.