Welcome to TARP An organization of several nerdy teenagers who met on Pandora and felt the strange, incomprehensible urge to Role play in a friendly environment with other nerdy people.

TARP stands for "The Annoying Role Players," a term affectionately given to us by the innocent muggles who simply wanted to use the comment section of Pandora to describe how much they love a Narnia soundtrack, but instead found themselves in the middle of a sword battle, monster hunt, or Hogwarts classroom against their will.

Unfortunately, the "annoying" portion of TARP grew too much for Pandora executives, and formatting updates forced our exile. But, should you listen closely, the whispering wind may carry with it the sounds of our clashing swords on Discord.

What is TARP?

"Here we are a bunch of random kids that downloaded an app [Or went on a website] to listen to music while we do school. Somehow, someway we figured out that we like writing disjointed pieces of literature hodge podged and practically plagiarized from millionaire authors' ideas and slathered with our own. So what do we do? We start commenting on songs and stations, telling these wild and strange stories that we came up with out of boredom. We don't have any particular plot or ending, but we just keep plugging along, relying on each other to throw a curve ball or plot twist and send us down an entirely different rabbit trail (both figuratively and sometimes literally) And we continue this for OVER A YEAR . Then suddenly here we are, practically best friends with people who we have never met and probably will never meet. We threw "Stranger Danger" out the stupid window. And now we are writing an entire Wikia because we think we are that awesome, when in reality we are probably one of the weirdest group of friends that has ever happened. Not to mention that we create elaborate back stories, draw pictures of our characters in our mind's eye, curse ourselves and kill ourselves. We make up massive libraries, categorize imaginary potions, and throw virtual food at eachother constantly. All without knowing if we could actually stand one another in real life. GUYS WE ARE INSANE...but I love every bit of it."

-Lady Xandra Trelawny about TARP

Message to Visitors

Hello there! Welcome! We greet you and hope you enjoy your stay. This wiki is a growing, living, breathing thing, so feel free to add your own character backstory and any other TARP related writing you wish to do. 

As time goes on, you will be able to navigate this wiki like the back of your hand and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the senior members listed under the "Need Help" section of the menu bar. 

How to Create Your Primary Character Bio

Firstly you will need to make a wiki account. (If you don't know how, Google it)

Then you may create a page for your character by clicking the drop down menu at the top right-hand corner and selecting "Create page."

After you have filled your new page with content describing your character, you will scroll down to the bottom where you will see the small option to "Add category. Please add your page to the section that matches up to your join dates. The dates are labeled on each category page. Please do not question them because it will not get you anywhere. (We senior members are extraordinarily stubborn) See HERE for a full list of join date categories.

Here is Olaf Whitsen's video Tutorial for creating a page on wikia


How to Create Extra Content

The wiki isn't just a catalog of characters. It is also a place to put any RP-related writing you wish to display. Enemies, descriptions of places you have RPed, alternant characters, character backstory, it all has a place to be sorted into. Just create a page and add it to the correct category and your content will appear.

Editing Rules

This wiki has been alive since February 2014, and many hours of loving work have been poured into its virtual pages. We ask that you please respect that and refrain from vandalization. We want to create this website together, and the senior members that have worked hard to create it are sharing their hard work with you. We do have the ability to block you from editing this wiki, and we will exercise this power if you break one of the 5 Rules in any writing you do on this website. Excepting the second rule, you will have one warning from senior members to remove the offending content from your pages. If you argue or refuse to remove the content you will be expelled from the wiki and blocked.  

Five Rules of TARP Wiki

  1. No swearing
  2. No vandalism -- Write on your own pages alone, no exceptions. You may comment on other pages, but you may NEVER edit. Breakage of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from this wiki. All of your writing will be deleted and you will be blocked. 
  3. No sexual/romantic input -- Senior members will determine what is pushing the limit romantically. 
  4. No inclusion of other members in your writing -- Unless they have given express permission. 
  5. No plagiarism -- Aside from inclusion of general fandom references, your writing should not resemble another member's, and you may NEVER copy writing from another member into your pages.  

If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.

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