The Million Cow Incident


A cow. The most feared and disgusted enemy TARP has ever faced.

Aryll (The Cow Lady) Clarkson[edit | edit source]

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The Million Cow Incident[edit | edit source]

Um... Steve, Accident, Cloning machine, left gate open.... *takes deep breath* and now we have a million Steves

-A very exasperated Olaf Whitsen, for obvious reasons

The Stevepocalypse

*takes out a video camera and starts recording*  If I don't make it out of this alive, well, show this to the rest of TARP....

-Meg, worried that the Zombie Steves would find their way into the bunker she is hiding in

The Great Cow Wars[edit | edit source]

Steve Jr.[edit | edit source]

Steve Jr. is the son of Steve. Aryll thought she needed another steer, just as annoying as his daddy, for good measure.

Dealings with TARP[edit | edit source]

Steve has been in numerous conflicts with TARPers, spanning from almost the beginning of the group till today. He is one of the most recurring enemies and by far the most obnoxious. He also is rumored to be out to kill Evenstar, she being a child of Athena. Steve has a personal vendetta against all children of that goddess because his last encounter with one did not end well. He was throwing up pieces of a blue Yankee's ballcap for months. So Steve generally does not like demigods in particular, and especially hates children of Athena.

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