This is a place that is the train station of universes, ours and beyond. Almost all who travel past the barriers of worlds, to the next, cross through this building.

Unless you have door knocker, given by the vetus custos under certain circumstances, you can never hope to find this wonderful place. This structure moves its location around our universe, and all others. None can figure out how it exists across all dimensions, except that it simply does. It was founded by an unknown group of travelers in the Roman town of Caesaromagus around 103 A.D. to hopefully regulate interuniversal travel. To gain the directions, one must connect the piece of metal to a wall or a console with four 2 1/3 triangle head wood screws. Then all you have to do is knock. You will first be given a test to discern if you are worthy enough to arrive at the gates. If you are, the coordinates will appear on anything that allows language to be written, i.e. a screen, a piece of paper or a patch of dirt. The language used is tied to the user so only their eyes may see. Unattach the knocker, travel to this spot. You will find an old type of building there, place it at the center of the door, it will fuse to the wood/metal, knock again, an audiable clunk will signal that the lock is open. The door is heavy, and it glides right above the metal tile floor. The ceiling is probably the most beautiful thing that you will ever see. Towering oak beams hold up a gleaming bronze sided dome with small glass panels scattered across the surface. The very apex of the dome is said to be around 200 meters, but it changes every time you enter. On the right, there is a bronze-inlaid half circle desk with a nice looking old man behind it in a very comfortable-looking leather desk chair. He is wearing a valet vest and a purple bow tie. On the desk is a name plaque that reads "vetus custos". The tour he gives you is incredible. Up close, the glass panels appear to be a some sort of window with large bronze levers to the right, and small steel push buttons to the top right corner. Flickers of movement come through the translucent barrier; it is reminiscent of sunlight coming through tree branches.

Outside of our universe, there are others. Along side the one we call home, is a Parallel Universe (class B), where everything is the same, just a bit different. You have a counterpart in that world that has a slightly different life. The next class of universes is the Pocket Universe (class C). This class is commonly refered to as the most adventurous because you can travel to a small world that is, for example, completely a grass field or a single massive metropolis. They are usually scattered between the next class of universes, Class Ac. These are universes that are built the same way as ours. These have a half system, which entitles two parallel universes in which one is dominate. Places like Middle Earth, Narnia, and our own world are the dominate ones. It is very hard to travel across the gaps that seperate the Class Ac Universes, even with the stadio omina. It uses large amounts of energy, and can be life risking, but it can still work. Occasionally, things or people smash through the protection walls raised by the original founders of the stadio omina between these different worlds. It shakes the whole building, and sometimes shatters panels.

To utilize a Travel Panel, press the steel button and wait. This sends a notification to the front desk, then the vestus custos verifies the requst to pass through. The panel glows with brilliant light after he does so. Now is time for the lever. Clench down the hand lever, and pull down hard. The glass drops downward on bottom hinges. Step through towards your next adventure! (Make sure to close it back up when you're done.)

A simple chart mapping the routes of Interuniversal travel availible from stadio omina.

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