Hey everyone! I'm RipTide, a third gen TARP member and recruiter. First and foremost, I'm a teenager from the US. I won't give out my real name here, but I go by Charles online. So my character changes from RP to RP, but here is the base I normally build off of:


Charles is a white 5 foot 11 inch teenager, with dark brown longish hair. He normally wears dark clothes, and likes to layer stylishly in the winter.


Charles's main weapon is normally magic and a sword, but this changes depending on the type of RP. Charles's magical powers are as follows: Spells from a spell book, few spells that do not require a book, in some cases healing powers, very rarely flight, can occasionally shape fire while in wolf form. If Charles overuses his non-spellbook magic, he will get a nosebleed, sometimes even to the point of passing out. Charles is also a half-were, meaning that he can change into a wolf at will.


Charles's mother was a were, his father a son of Apollo. This gives him unique magical abilities, as well as an aptitude for music. He was abandoned as a child, being left on the streets of New York City to fend for himself. He quickly connected with the magical underground, and rose to the top to become the person he is today.

Charles, most of the time, is seen with two black wolves trailing behind him.


Happy rp'ing!