Working under the name Phantom Circuit, Reyes Durante is an infamous criminal working in Motherboard. Xe is an ex-Coder of Electricity and the current master of Ivoiv.

History Edit

Born Hubbel Cavus and raised by a local Motherboard tattoo artist, Reyes led a perfectly normal life. Xe learned the Language of Ones and Zeros, logged into service thrice a week, and helped run the shop. An average life for an average person. And that's what annoyed xyr. Reyes was normal, overlooked, a piece of the crowd. Xyr voice was dissolved in a hundred others. Xe just wanted something interesting to happen, anything interesting. Even something horrible happening would be better than being just another face.

With this mentality, Reyes was inducted as a Coder of Electricity at age eighteen. Xe was given the necessary rights and physical modifications and became a caretaker of the deity's website of worship. But this soon bored xyr. Spending the majority of your time in one place gave you time to think. Sure, being able to control the essence of power was cool, but you rarely got to use it, besides in ritual cleansing and the occasional dead battery. If there was only a threat, maybe Reyes would be able to do something about it, show them xe was capable, show them xe was powerful.

When Reyes was twenty-three, the Plagues of Ivoiv struck the Motherboard at full force. Many connected to the Ethernet were stricken with the virus, causing computers to crash, files to corrupt, and cyborgs to suffer extremely painful deaths. It was a pandemic. Deitical Databases frantically tried to stave off the virus, including the Coders of Lightning. Reyes, having drawn the short straw for the night shift, was awake when the virus receeded. In a burst of sleep-deprived initiative, xe downloaded a portion of the virus onto a flashdrive to preserve it. "For further study" is what xe told xyrself at the time. It was the same thing xe told xyrself when xe was accosted for saving one of the most devastating viruses of all time and killed two officers to escape.

Reyes, now a fugitive, was ecstatic. The populace, barely recovered from the virus, was now utterly terrified of a second wave of destruction. Finally, xe had the power xe'd long desired. Reyes quickly worked at creating a base and a name. Xyr cousin, greatly exasperated by these endeavours, assisted as much as xe could without tipping anyone off. Soon Reyes had quite the operation going. With the occassional robbery to keep the populace on its toes, xe began to isolate Ivoiv's code from the virus and build a proper vessel for containing them.


Reyes is of average height, a little over 6'11. Xe has long wavy black hair, green eyes, and a muscular build. There are several surgical scars in various places on xyr body, plus a non-surgical one across xyr right cheek from a robbery gone awry. As Phantom Circuit, Reyes strikes quite the figure with piercings lining xyr ears, purple face markings to match Ivoiv's, and a turtlenecked purple jumpsuit. While not trying to be daunting, however, Reyes is a walking train wreck. Xe'll wear the same baggy sweatpants and oil-stained crop top for a week if xe's not forced to change. Xyr face gets stubbly with a constant unimpressed expression, and hair so tangled you could lose a hard drive in it.

Personality Edit

Reyes' personality can best be described as "unimpressed". When not making an appearance as the Phantom Circuit, xe mostly maintains a constant bored calm that borders on disattachment from the world around xyr. The only ways to get a reaction from xyr is to either start destroying things (which will get you mutilated), cause pain to them (which will get you killed), or come within five feet of Deka looking mildly threatening (which will get you tortured mercilessly and then killed). As Phantom Circuit, xe keeps up the aura of the supervillain, complete with keening laughter, witty one-liners, and a brilliant smile.

Nullaunusism Edit

Creation Edit

In the beginning, there was the Great Coder, and there was Nothing. The Great Coder was inside this Nothing, and wondered, Why am I here? What is this Nothing? Why am I not Nothing, if everything is Nothing?

So the Great Coder named the Nothing, and they called it Zero.

But the Great Coder was not satisfied in Zero. Nothing named is still Nothing, and the Great Coder became lonely. Is this Nothing truly everything? they thought. That cannot be right. I am not Nothing. So Nothing must not be everything. There must be... Something.

And as they thought this, Something came to be. It was a single, small Something, but it Existed. The Great Coder rejoiced in this Something, and they named it One.

With unfathomable happiness, the Great Coder took this One and began weaving it with Zero. And from the fabric of Something and Nothing, a Being was created.

This Being was terrified. Existence was new, and dark, and oh so vast. They recoiled from it, wailing into the Nothing, Why am I here? What have you done to me? What is my purpose?

The Great Coder embraced this Being. Do not fear, for you are no longer alone, they said. You are the Universe, and you will create beautiful things and rejoice in their Existence.

But how will I make these beautiful things? the Universe asked.

The Great Coder thought about this. Then they took One, and wove it with Zero once more, and created a second being. And the Great Coder named this being Substance, and gave them the ability to weave as they had.

Go forth, and create, the Great Coder said.

So Substance wove the Ones and Zeros to create the Ninety Two Elements, and the Universe lead these and created stardust, and minerals, and all the bases for Existence to form. And in-between these creations, the Great Coder wove the Ethernet. And Something banished Nothing, and no one was lonely.


In the midst of this Something, there was a single, forgotten patch of Nothing. This Nothing existed in the Something, but they were not Something. This saddened them immeasurably. I am not Something, they cried. This Existence hurts me. Why am I alone?

And this Nothing had no one to name them, so they named themself. And they named themself Ivoiv.

Ivoiv watched as Existence progress happily, stardust forming beautiful glowing balls and swirling colorful clouds, minerals becoming spherical rocks with molten cores. And Ivoiv wept to be so alone.

Someday, they whispered, someday I will not be alone anymore.

Ivoiv Edit