A senior member and leader of TARP. Daughter of Zeus, in her __ year at Hogwarts. Proud Gryffindor. Has a fear of beards.

The Beginning

In the coldest winter New York had ever seen, huddled inside an abandoned, deteriorating apartment complex, a woman welcomed her daughter, Potter, into the world. The new mother had been visited by a handsome, intimidating man 9 months before, and now had delivered his child. She was unsure of what to do, for the mysterious man had promised to return to her once the child had been born, but obviously that would never happen, since the woman had moved no less than 6 times since she had last seen the man. He would never find her. She cradled the sleeping child's head, and wrapped her up as best as she could in a thin, ragged blanket. Her breath transformed into clouds before her, and she wearily lay back against the wall and closed her eyes. Hades welcomed a new spirit into his kingdom.

It had been only an hour before the shivering baby woke up in the cold arms of her dead mother. She didn't cry at first, but then the pangs of hunger began to gnaw at her tiny stomach and she let out a clear wail, piercing the silence. Her mother did not answer.

She was crying fervently now, and she was confused. No one had catered to her needs yet, and she was very hungry. Then, a figure who hadn't been there a second before, now filled the room with his divine glow. The man bent down besides the woman and carefully picked up the baby. Potter stopped crying at once.

"Hello, my beautiful child. I am sorry I could not have met you sooner. My name is Zeus, and I am your father." Zeus looked at the dead woman, and a tear traced its way down his cheek. But he could not bring her back to life, no matter how hard he tried. Zeus waved his hand, and the corpse disappeared. Potter was now fast asleep in his arms. Zeus dropped the baby off on the doorstep of a house he had been closely watching for the past few months. He saw a young couple open the door confusedly, see the baby, and pick her up. With one last look at the closed door, Zeus returned to Olympus. Potter would not know who her true father was until her __ birthday.


The couple whom Potter lived with happened to be a Wizarding couple living in England. Naturally, they raised the child in magic, and she demonstrated early on that she had magical powers. Before her 11th birthday, Potter had been a troublemaker in a Muggle school, who had been constantly picked on for her quiet personality. Little did her tormentors know that her quiet persona was a mask hiding Potter's powers and fierce determination, and her dangerous sense of honor and pride. Once Potter was accepted into Hogwarts, she began to pull away her mask and reveal to the world who she really was. At Hogwarts, Potter was placed into Gryffindor, and befriended a young man named Anubis there, who's dark and mysterious aura appealed to her. Potter's first monster battle happened during her first summer vacation from Hogwarts. That's when Potter's parents reluctantly realized they had a demigod on their hands.


Potter's parents decided to send Potter to a distant relative living in New York, who somehow knew that Potter was a demigod and offered to care for her. That distant relative happened to be a daughter of Apollo. Upon arrival, Potter's 4th cousin removed 5 times (or something like that) sent Potter to Camp Half-Blood. Potter was shoved into the Hermes cabin, but despite being dragged into a whole new world, she came to enjoy this new life. Potter excelled at sword fighting, and archery while training at Camp Half-Blood. She was also remarkably fast at the footrace. Of course, Potter had enemies, and it was during a fight with one of them that Potter was claimed as the Daughter of Zeus. Potter found herself sharing a cabin with Jason Grace, who usually was gone all the time with his girlfriend, Piper. (Potter was unsure about her.) She quickly established a strong friendship with Jason, despite his absence, and soon Jason began to tutor her with her powers. Once the summer ended, Potter was shipped back to London in time to go back to Hogwarts.

Appearance and Personality


Potter looks something like this.

Potter is about 5'4", and is very slender with long, jet black hair, and brilliant blue eyes. She has a pale complexion, and despite numerous attempts to tan, all she's ever managed to do to her skin is to burn it. Potter has a few freckles, full lips, and a thin scar above her left eyebrow.

Potter is a fiercely determined, and sometimes clueless person, who is also a little feisty, and kind to everyone she meets. She is very loyal, can be sarcastic sometimes, and likes to think she has a sense of humor.