Alternate character and daughter of Olaf Whitsen.



Polnaya is five feet tall, and come up to most people's chests, giving her a significant advantage in battle. She has a silvery coat, which has a black patch on her fore-left shoulder and around her right ear. Her silvery-blue eyes seem to reflect all light that hits them.


On nights of the full moon, Polnaya transforms into a human, however she can hold the transformation back temporarily if she concentrates. When in human form, she wears a long silver silk dress, nobody seems to know if it is part of the magic included with her anti-werewolfishnes or something Olaf worked up afterwards. In human form she is very tall, her eyes retain the same color, and she has very pale skin. She carries a variety of hooked daggers on her, and depending on the situation they are either strapped to her waist or hidden in the many folds of her dress.


Polnaya is vicious, no matter how kind and polite she may be to her friends, she is still a wolf, and will always be a wolf, even under the full moon. As a wolf she tends to be more reserved seeming, with only the occasional growl or bark. And as a human, not much is different, however she tends to be more talkative, possibly because other people can understand her when she speaks.