TARP is born from each and every one of us. We are all different yet the same. We live in a world barren of magic, so we strive to create our own. So spin your tale of TARP, of adventure, of magic here dear member. How did you come? How did you change? What did you create? Come one, come all. After all, we are all just stories in the end.

So why not tell yours?


Hey yall, I shall be your host today, *waves* I'm Fira. Let me tell you of what you'll expect to find on this lovely Wiki page (tis a lovely page, isn't it? *looks about proudly*, anyway, about this page. This is the home/info page for the RP group fondly known as TARP (The Annoying Role Players). We earned that name quite literally by annoying normal people on Pandora with our strange and deliciously nerdy RPs on random song comments. So thus we were born. Why am I going over brief history? Who knows why I do what I do.... Okay, so I was a lone little being in the vast sea of Pandora until I noticed I got a follower! And that follower commented that she like Lord of the Rings too! So I scrolled through her page and found she went by the name Evenstar Pevensie (Evie) and I was Firering. I chose that name because Frodo threw the One Ring into the fires of Mt. Doom, thus Fire+ Ring= Firering. Just thought I'd clear that up. So I came to meet many wonderful friends and we grew very close over the time of about three months, though it seems far longer... I was then "busted" and taken away, and when I returned I found that the TARPers I knew were all gone, (I admit I cried... now forget that.) Another group, led by one Draco White, called Ascension had taken over and TARP had retreated away to a safer place. Thus the times began to be divided and known as "Elder Tarp" and "Revived TARP'. Revived TARP consisted of many new members, all of which were very lovely and many new friend were made. After many and many gruesome battles (bear with my dramatics) Ascension dispersed, though TARP remained a bit dormant for a while. We have now moved a few different places, but TARP still lives! Let it be known, all you fellow human, TARP still lives! A day may come when schedules and life gets in the way and disperses us, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!!! Long live TARP and Pandoricans, Unite!



Olaf Whitsen

It was late August of 2013, my sophomore year of High School. Like many people my age, I listened to music while doing my homework, that music happened to be Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings soundtracks, but that’s a personal preference. My mother had recently made the mistake of getting me hooked on Pandora Internet Radio, which was more efficient than Youtube playlists, and gave me more variety than the soundtracks of JUST Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings. So there I was, listening to my soundtracks, doing my homework, or more accurately, kind of ignoring my homework because there’s this beautiful internet next to me, when I decided to start reading the comments on songs in Pandora. The music and my ears had already sent me to far off lands and fictional worlds, but it was another thing entirely when my eyes started doing the same, for it was there that I encountered a disturbance in the balance of the internet, TARP, The Annoying Role Players.

Yes, on Pandora Internet Radio, I found a bunch of nerdy writers, who combined fandoms and their own creativity into the ultimate piece of “real-time collaborative fiction.” I spent about a week reading over their old adventures, exploring this cyberspace anomaly, and before I knew it, on August 27th, 2013, I asked to join, and everything went downhill, or uphill depending on your perspective, from there.


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