The awesomest most epic senior member of TARP, with knowledge on how to make potatoe bombs!

Past Life:

Hey, I am Percy Jackson, maybe you've heard of me, I'm kinda a big deal.

I am a demigod, I have powerful powers and can splash people with water. Yeah, ever since I was 12 years old I have been living at Camp Half-Blood with many other demigods where I trained and got stronger with my abilities. You can go read my journals and other books about me, I don't have time to explain all this to you again when I could be training.

Before and During TARP:

After my life at Camp Half-Blood, I decided to take my chances living outside camp borders. While living on my own I had learned many skills, like how to make many weapons, martial arts, how to make someones nose explode...we'll talk about that one later. After meeting the Doctor, I was able to explore time and space with him and I ran into a few very important people who have influenced my life. For day I was practicing my martial arts and ninja stuff and I was being watched...that day I met an assassin by the name of Altair, you may know him also. With hardcore training I was accepted into their brotherhood.

This is a PEN!

This is a PEN!

Hehe sorry about the Logan Lerman....BUT THE PEN