Olaf Whitsen's nephew, whom Olaf has taken care of for the past year of his life.

History[edit | edit source]

Orphanage[edit | edit source]

After the death of his father, Oscar was taken to an orphanage and raised there for four years. At the orphanage, he learned to fend for himself, and soon became an expert pickpocket, swordsman, and used these skills to keep himself alive. When he turned four years old, he ran away from the orphanage, with only a rusty sword and three gold coins to keep him company.

On the run[edit | edit source]

For three years he wandered the surrounding lands, stealing what he could, and running when he needed. On the last day of his running, he made it to a large corrupt city full of bribery, plague, and hate. At the end of a dark alley, he recieved help in two seperate ways from a strange man, the first, was to tell Oscar about his Uncle Olaf, the second, was to provide Oscar with four alchemical powders, that could be used in combination to create powerful effects.

TARP[edit | edit source]

For two years, Oscar searched for his uncle, and on a chance occassion in a large swampland, he did so. And Olaf decided that while Oscar could fend for himself, he was not made to be alone, and Olaf took him under his wing, treating his nephew as he would a son. Almost immediately, Olaf introduced Oscar to TARP, the group of adventurers Olaf had been with for some time now, and with some conflict about his skills at his current age, he finally convinced them to let him join.

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