The order is ranked by the women of history and mythology that have committed suicide in despair or personally caused the tragic/horrible deaths/suicide of their family members. The main leaders consist of:

Possible idea of appearance. The sisters cannot be photographed.

  • Clytemnestra
  • Jocasta
  • Phaedra
  • Cleopatra
  • Virginia Woolfe

The Guardians typically appear as eerily beautiful, pale lavender ghosts whose song can strike depression and despair into the hearts of even the most stoic of warriors. They are sworn to forever guard the Sepulcher of Despair and the cursed magikal items that lay within, these usually consist of the weapons of suicide and the jewelry/items worn during suicide. They are also bound to servitude to the three Fates as payment for their choice in taking their deaths and fates into their own hands by committing suicide.  

Curse[edit | edit source]

The curse of the Sisters is seemingly only given in cases of terrible treachery and failure, often involving a brutal murder of a close friend or family member.

It occasionally glows a deep purple and causes a painful, burning feeling, usually accompanied by a wave of crushing depression that overwhelms the accursed with despair and thoughts of death.

The end results of the curse are a deeply guarded secret and generally unknown, though it seems to be common for the accursed to eventually commit suicide rather than continue on with it. Breaking the curse is nearly impossible and has never been accomplished before.

Known Receivers of the Curse[edit | edit source]

  • Hannibal
  • Isokelekel
  • Oedipus
  • Ernest Hemmingway
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Xandra Trelawney

Oath[edit | edit source]

Sketch of the symbol that appears when one is cursed by the Guardians.

   Through a series of events, the order's oath has been revealed to only 2 mortals in recorded history, one of them being a member of the vagrant group known as TARP. The member of this group, being determined to write everything down in an account known as the Quest for Redemption in an attempt to gather evidence in a search for a cure, recorded it as the following:

Seasamh fós cosúil leis an domhan ar sos

Anáil eased de gaoithe réamh-stoirme

Greim daingean, a ligean ar an lann de réir

Léiriú toil agad, athrú '

Bí i do lann unsheathed, a ghearradh amh

Saol Myth Bí iompaithe, seanchas fíor

Téigh in aithne ar buile dorcha ar an réimse chogaidh

Ach ní deoch an fhuil dorcha go pours '

Ach amháin de láimh sciomartha fhéadfadh dhuit dul go leathanach

Ach eochracha sláine an scaoilfeadh glas go Cage

Má tá tú ag snámh i súgradh salach beidh tú anáil measc phla

Má gearrtha tú fear spiorad beidh sé bleed díreach mar an gcéanna '

An chuid is mó riamh a fheiceáil níos faide ná na ballaí

Agus aon cheann a fheiceáil riamh ar na anamacha a crawl

Ach beidh thy chéim aigne nó tú turas ar an titim bród ar

Iontaobhas aon fhear má a cheann thar aon rud eile.

Translated roughly from what appears to be a twisted form of exceedingly old Gaelic and Greek:

Stance still like the world on pause

Eased breath of a wind pre-storm

Firm grasp, let the blade conform

Manifest thy will, transform'

Become blade unsheathed, cut raw

Become myth turned life, real lore

Meet the dark rage on the field of war

But never drink of the dark blood that pours'

Only by cleansed hand may thee turn that page

Only keys of integrity unlock that cage

If you swim in foul play you will breath among plague

If you cut a man's spirit he will bleed just the same'

Most never see beyond these walls

And none ever see these souls that crawl

But mind thy step or you will trip on pride's fall

Trust no man if his head above all.

Dealings with TARP[edit | edit source]

The Order does not have a strong history with TARP. They are an illusive group and do not wish to become tangled too often in the affairs of the living. However, they do have a link to one member, Xandra Trelawney, whom they cursed in late 2013. No other member has been cursed, though Nevah Gold, and Meg were present when Xandra's cursing took place. Most of the members of TARP have no knowledge of the Order, and if they do it is limited and unused. The Order has never been seen by TARP since that cursing, but those who are wise would not be so quick to write them off as past history.

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