Olaf Whitsen is one of the senior members of TARP. He is a well informed time-traveller, and almost always has a book handy, whether to read for fun or actually learn something is debatable. 


Ethan Vanguard

Born to the public name of Ethan Vanguard, and the private name Olaf Vahxenes, in the land of Gicasim, Olaf was strongly influenced by a magical background. Both his brothers and his father were powerful members of Magic Courts, and at the appropriate age, he joined the White Sun Court. His time spent there was mostly as a historian, recording the acts of the White Sun Court, causing research and information gathering to become major skills of his, causing him to become one of the most knowledgable people of his time.

During his time at the White Sun Court, his elder brother, most recently known as Elessar Mithrandir, attempted to raise a dragon by following instructions he had "borrowed" from the Council of Merlin. Olaf, being the only other person to know, warned his brother, but seemed to be getting no results.

In the following months, both their father and brother were killed in a dragon fight, and Olaf immediately blamed Elessar, who had mysteriously dissapeared after the incident. For the next hundred years, Olaf dropped his public name as is the standard form of mourning in Gicasim, however he mostly went by the second part of his private name, Vahxenes, due to Elessar's fondness of the name Olaf, and practiced in all forms of magic from across the lands, determined to pay his brother what was due.


Referred to as "The Dark Days" by Olaf, during these times he travelled through Time and Space with the aid of a Murer coin, but spending most time during his birth age, trying to learn as much as he could as fast as he could, with no qualms about testing his abilities in combat. One of his first personal missions, was to begin practicing magic, which he did by facing as many opponents as quickly as possible.

He left the White Sun Court, and joined his first mercanary team at 139 years of age. The Black Knife saw his magic skills as a useful addition to their team, and after a mere nine months of training with them, he entered his first battle. Two noble lords were fighting over a small piece of land, and one of them made the mistake of hiring The Black Knife, with the help of Olaf, the mercenary gang not only destroyed the entire opposing army, but took over the other lord's entire land, giving the first more land and power, but all the glory went to Olaf. The Black Knife quickly grew to extreme sizes, and Olaf just as quickly became their leader. Over the next two hundred years, Olaf became more and more powerful, giving him the title, "The Raging Fire", leading wars between kings and empires, without any losses, and soon began to forget why he had started practicing magic in the first place.

The Nine Skulls Killing

In the south of Gicasim, there were nine large dragons, each the size of a King's palace, that terrorized the lands. After a particularly exhausting battle, Olaf decided that the time had come for him to face these powerful enemies. He entered the supposed territory of the Dragons, and waited several hours for all nine to come together in a circle around him, before engaging in combat. After three days, the people in the area began to investigate the sudden halt in the terror, and found nine skulls speared into the ground and arranged in a circle around a giant pile of ashes. Their mysterious deaths became known as "The Nine Skulls Killing" but Olaf had found his limits, and he took none of the glory.

Mimoza, Queen of the Shifters

Olaf slowly began to fight less and less, until eventually he cut himself off from The Black Knife completely and would only take the occasional quest. One of those said quests, would change his life forever. A sorceress had appeared in a small mountain range, supposedly stealing livestock and filling them with evil spirits. Olaf had been learning to see through time when he heard about the sorceress, and decided that she must be dealt with. Armed with an old sword and a book of spells, he searched through the mountains until he found her peculiar palace that had been made of glass and stone. Refusing to respond to his initial decleration of conflict, the sorceress revealed herself to be called Mimoza, and treated him with as much courtesy and hospitality as she could. For three days Olaf grudgingly accepted her courtesy, until his last day at the palace. On that third day, Mimoza invited him to her throneroom, and their she provided him with a proposal.

Vahxenes, I know you have only been here three days, and that you came here initially to kill me, but do you see any stolen livestock here? Despite the short time you have spent here, I was hoping, very very much, that you would perhaps consider to stay here forever, to be my constant companion. You would never have to live with the memories you try so hard to avoid, and you would be my closest friend, you would know everything I know.

-Mimoza presenting her request to Olaf.

With much internal conflict, Olaf decided that she could mean no harm, and accepted her proposal, but Mimoza had already decided that the only way to keep Olaf under her control was to remove his power, and when he woke up after her quick curse, he found that his body had been changed into that of a wolf.

The Wolf Days

But Mimoza had underestimated Olaf's strength, and he quickly escaped before she realized he had disappeared, but the damage had been done. Olaf was alone, in hostile territory, in a form he had no experience as. His first experience with people ended badly, and he had to nurse his wounds for several days afterward, barely able to feed himself. But it was when winter came, that he met the oher wolves. With an uncharacteristic kindness after a painful first meeting, he was taken in by the mountain pack, which Olaf believes were of Dire Wolf blood. For thirty years he stayed with the pack, and they seemed to forget that he was not born into it, and Olaf believes that he himself had forgotten that he wasn't.


As a wolf, he mated, and had a litter of three by his packmate. But in one extremely harsh winter, his mate and two of the litter were killed, leaving Olaf alone with his daughter, Polnaya, and the rest of the pack. Three weeks later, on a Full Moon, due to strange circumstances, the whole pack disappeared, and Olaf was returned to his normal form, with a just as confused daughter at his side, also in human form.

Olaf Whitsen, time-traveler extraordinaire

After a quick explanation to Polnaya about his former life, she agreed to go travelling with him, seeing as she had no home now, as long as she promised to him that his pre-wolf days were to be forgotten, never to be mentioned to anyone. It didn't take them much time-travel to realize that Polnaya only had the form of a human on full moons, a sort of Anti-werewolf, and after that they tried to coordinate their travels with full moons. It was during these travels, that Olaf discovered TARP.

It was during his time-travelling years that he began writing in his Notebook, and began going by Olaf Whitsen, taking the first name from his private name and the second from his old position at the White Sun Court


After several years of peacefully travelling, as opposed to the times when all travel was for the purpose of researching a new dark form of magic, Olaf soon began to notice signs of a mysterious inter-temporal organization known simply as TARP, throughout the time streams he saw references to the name, but no information, until one fateful day when he happened upon one of their meeting zones, and discovering they were no threat, went out to introduce himself. Taking the guise of a humble thief and magician, Olaf joined their ranks of time exploration, going on quests for no other purpose than the joy it created. Soon he saw that many others had begun to join, and that their growing presence was attracting the attention of powerful foes, so the idea that he was a simple traveler quickly wore off. Little did he tell of his past, and he was quite glad that his quick description of Polnaya avoided careful scrutiny.

The Ballroom Incident

After many months with TARP, which he discovered was itself a very young group, less than a year in relative time, he helped them form the monthly (again, relative time) ball to promote social conditions among the increasing population. Several hours into the Ball, the doors opened with a dramatic bang, and Olaf was face to face with a horror he thought he had long since outlived. His brother. Olaf quickly brought his anger back in full force, and a mighty battle ensued between the two of them, ending with Elessar telling Olaf the truth of the situation, that their Father and Brother's deaths had been completely unrelated to Elessar's own endeavors, and that for the past five hundred years Elessar had been chasing down the real killers and attempting to find Olaf.


Olaf is generally very eccentric and sarcastic, dealing with challenges using his wit or some other strange quirky method. He will commonly switch from serious to energetic in a moment, but it has been suggested he does this on purpose. He is very strong in his beliefs, but will typically not state them or fight for them unless he is absolutely sure he has a fighting chance.


Olaf is almost always seen with his grey travelling robes, his satchel at his side, a quiver and a bow strapped over his back, and the hilt of his sword protruding just barely under his cloak. He has short clipped blond hair, and sharp blue eyes. His travel robes have been laced with carbon fiber and color shifting materials that allow him to change from functional to fashionable in seconds.

Seriously, this isn't an advertisement, there's only one in existence, so why make it a poem?

-Olaf Whitsen

He often appears in disguise, sometimes with fakes beards, other times with rags over his eyes as if he were blind, but almost always when he is in disguise there will be three small wolf pups near enough to him to be identified.


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Olaf's Family

Elessar Mithrandir

Olaf has a complicated relationship with his older brother, the one hundred years difference between their ages does not show very much, and when not fighting (and even sometimes when), they will act in almost unison. For seven hundred years of his life, Olaf hated his brother, and was convinced it was his doing that had killed their brother and father, but after an emotional battle of the wills during the first TARP Ball, he was finally able to reveal to Olaf what happened in reality, and all their following meetings have resulted in traditional brotherly bickering, as opposed to genuine hatred.


Being raised as a wolf, Polnaya has what might be called a less traditional relationship with her father, but because of her slightly human background, not unbelievably so. He has often described having an Anti-werewolf as a daughter only a problem when introducing her, but otherwise, enjoys the challenge that most people would never be able to experience. Most of the time they do not conflict, but they have had a few major quarrels. After several years of traveling with her, he began to treat her less as his daughter, and more like a sister. But took a father-like role after the birth of The Three.

The Three

Heimatil, Agetargon, and Eucartay are Olaf's three grandchildren, who all happen to be wolfs. They have a very loving relationship, though they tend to get on each other's nerves, grandfather and grandchildren alike.

TARP (The Annoying Role=Players)