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Entry One January 1st, 1989

Gah, so this is my new notebook/ journal, it's the wolf child's fault, I wouldn't have ever tried this if it hadn't be for her, and she had better by right about its relaxing qualities, cause if she isn't.... well that's not important. So just to start with a tiny background check, it's complicated, but the wolf is my daughter, and on full moons she isn't a wolf, kind of complicated, but you get used to it. I do very little magic, and... wow, I'm actually acting like people are going to be reading this, yeah right. But hey, if you are, I'm a time traveller, so the dates will get confusing, just be ready, it's not mixed up, they are in the right order.... and... yeah. Right now we're just staying at this rundown apartment, and sincerely hoping nobody notices anything odd about me. I keep my sword at home, just to be safe, but I need to find something to keep objects hidden away, maybe a bigger on the inside pocket? No idea, but I think I'll stay here in 1989 for a while, until the Cold War probably.

Entry Two February 2nd, 1989

Okay, time to leave, we got some problems with new neighbors, and I think they may be

Entry Three January 2030? 2033

Sorry about that, getting chased through time is not a problem that can be dealt with easily, I guess my new neighbors were working with some time-travel police group weird thing, so I wasn't able to finish the entry, and... now I'm kinda lost, technology seems to be appropriate for twenty first century, third decade, but I was not watching where I was going, so it seems I'll get to do some exploration.

Photo on 3-1-14 at 8.10 PM -2.jpg

Entry Four January 12, 2033

Found out what year it is, I actually guessed pretty well, I've been doing that a lot lately, guessing well. I found A Science Olympiad medal, probably from about twenty years ago, I've been trying to decide if I can find the owner, but I guess I still need to keep a low profile... wonder what its story is.

Entry Five March 2, 2033

Fire and Storm

Night and Shadow

Shifting Time

Little poem I've been working on, need to figure out how to finish it.

Entry Six March 4, 2033

Well, I've had worse, I got caught up in a gang fight the hard way, and now there's a bullet hole in my ankle. I had to drag myself back here before the authorities found me, boy would I have a lot of explaining to do. Anyways, I was stupid enough to leave my med book here, so I think I should have a place for my basic on the spot potions, I had to make the Type 40 on memory, not cool.

Type 40: Accelerates skin regeneration and decreases blood flow, has slight numbing effect. Good for minor to Medium sized wounds, Note: Is no Help for missing Limbs

3 ounces of Eldaba, 4 of Nitold, mixed into three liters of Orad, water can be used when necessary

Entry Seven April 24, 2033

I've been noticing in my travels, I've barely aged since I joined the White Sun Court, I'm wondering if it's some result of Magic, or Time-Travel. But anyway, it's a little weird looking twenty but remembering six hundred. I have to convince myself every time I look in a mirror that my face is a lie, I guess that's what makes putting on a disguise so much easier, it's not like I'll be able to tell the difference.

Entry Eight ........?

I must say this is a first, I believe I am out of time, and when I say that, I'm not saying I need more time, but this place exists in a separate time stream parallel to ours, and there are actually OTHER PEOPLE HERE! It looks like some huge flat landscape of white, so I have no idea where they're getting the materials, it's probably from the memories. But they are building a HUGE library here, and taking every book, every story, every poem, and most interestingly, every memory, from throughout time and space and adding it to their collection. They seem like normal people, but they don't say anything, I tried talking to one the other day... funny, there aren't really days her either.... but he just nodded and said "Mm-hmm" I wonder if they even know what they're doing, anyway this place is Brilliant! I've been going through the items, they don't care about that either, and just reading some awesome things throughout time and space, I even picked up a few books to take with me, even if it mattered, which I don't think it doesn't, I get the feeling that the book would just get replaced, this is a weird library.

On a side note I STILL need something to carry all my stuff in.

Entry Nine The Library, day-ish 2

Oh my goodness Humanity has such freaking capacity for being annoying! Who in all the galaxies and stars would say that I can't... gah never mind. In case it wasn't obvious, I found someone who actually talks, unfortunately. This person appeared out of nowhere, and she immediately, IMMEDIATELY!!! walked up to me and DEMANDED to know what I was doing here. And when I told her I was just visiting, she said I shouldn't, and well, it went downhill from there. I think I'm going to stay for a while longer, just to irk her.

Entry Ten Equivalent to September 23, 400 B.C.

Okay, staying was a bad idea, apparently the library isn't "Ready" and so I shouldn't be there. Have you ever seen a Marshian sunrise?

Entry Eleven Equivalent to October 14, 400 B.C.

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it begun

Where have I heard this before.....

Entry Twelve HAHA!!!! NOT SAYING!!!!!

I just realised that I always use Earth days and years, WHY????? I didn't even come from Earth *clamps hand over mouth* you heard nothing. read, you READ nothing, I'm so tired...

Entry Thirteen August 14, 1578

I got to meet with Queen Elizabeth today there was a big feast probably too much wine and I remember something about the Countess of Nottingham CATHERINE that's her name I don't remember what exactly but something important happened about her anyways I shouldnt go to these parties anymore it ruins my judgement and gramar

Entry Fourteen March 14, 2015

Note to self, don't EVER get drunk in 1578 again, actually it's probably best not to show my face in the 1500s ever again. Apparently you CAN get married on the same day you meet someone, and heading over their might lead to some peculiar confontationss.

On a more happy note. HAPPY PI DAY!!!! I've always loved a good Pi day, and this is one of the best. Because 3.1415, if you got that, you deserve to be reading this journal. If not, I hope you fall into a deep hole somewhere near that weird library.

Entry Fifteen September 26, 4048027302... I'm not even going to bother

Hey! Guess what I found!! It's a satchel!! That's bigger on the inside than the outside!! You wouldn't believe how cheap it is in the... umpteenth century. And the best part! It doesn't weigh anything! there is only one minor thing, I found a slip of paper in it, with four greek letters, I recognize them, but I don't know why, tau alpha rho pi. I need to consult the books.

Entry Sixteen February 12, 2500 B.C.

HAHA!!! I did the math!! Let's see if I can write it down in here.

The first jump adds half of it's distance to the lifespan of the subject

The second jump adds a third,

The third adds a fourth

The fourth adds a fifth

and so on.

So therefore, if An is The amount added after each jump, X is the time of the jump, N is the number of the jump, then

An= X/(n+1)

Sn is the total lifespan, and Y is the potential lifetime, I tested this initially with an apple and had Polnaya make me cut each one after five minutes, but sometimes I would instead jump it, to keep the math constant.

Sn= (X1/(1+1))+(X2/(2+1))... (Xn/(n+1)) + Y

I need to figure out a better way to simplify it.... maybe read some big math books In other words, my current lifespan does this, ALL IN APPROXIMATION!!!!

(1200/2)+(100/3)+(45000/4)+(6300004/5)+(15/5)+(44/6)+(2433/7)+(9400/8)+(7422/9)+(437/10)+(404802730294061000000000000000000000000000000 "4.08E30"/11)+("4.08E30"/12)+150

Calculator in hand, don't tell Archimedes....

4.45E30 years... that math can't be right, I mean I know that time travel does things weird... but that number can't be right, need to check things over

Entry Seventeen September 23, 2343

I saw it again, this time written in large Latin letters across the Golden Gate, nobody seems to notice it, so it must have been there a while, I need to check it out, but whatever this TARP is, It hasn't always been here, and that's the most confusing part, I read somewhere about relative time, as opposed to standard time, I need to look into that more if I'm going to track other Time-Travellers

Entry Eighteen May 27, 2309

I tracked the cosmic graffiti, And this is the day it seems to have started, but I guess because of this weird relative time garbage, I haven't found who did it, I like disappear an hour for lunch, and then it's all of a sudden there, I try again, and disappear an hour for lunch A DIFFERENT HOUR, and it's there, I can't even see my other time streams doing the same thing, I tried for (four) times, no graffiti artist, no double me. I don't get it. If I can't get this artist, I may as well look up Relative Time.

Entry Nineteen Approx. January 15, 1779

I forgot how much I hate Altorgas, the people have no sense of... personality, they're a civilization of freaking geniuses! And mind you I don't normally have problems with geniuses, but these guys all they do is SCIENCE! And I thought Eureka was bad. But they've got me thinking on two levels, Standard Time and Relative Time, and apparently, the coin I used forever ago, that moved me through Relative Time as well as Standard Time, which is why that old guy said I shouldn't use those trips in my age calculations.

Standard Time is the timeline, from Birth to adolescence to adulthood to Death. That Timeline goes on and on, and is easy to jump through.

But then there's relative time, Apparently after each jump you make, Time for you folds over for you, in a way, so if you go to the same time and place, you're in a new layer in the fabric of time, and it's as if you were visiting the same place for the first time, but with all the same results as if this were still your second or third trip, so if you were to start a big fight, then travle (travel) back, the fight would still happen, but for different reasons, another fold with the same pattern, but different string. And the thing about those folds, is if you try to interact with other time travellers, you only interact with them when they're the same relative height as you, they've folded the same amount of cloth, the bigger the jump, the more cloth you fold, and if you time jump and interact with another, your cloth entwines with theirs, and each of your folds adds to others to various degrees, so if you meet a time traveller, and twenty years pass for you, then you meet them again, it will be like twenty years passed for them also. And if you try to arrange it differently, Time intervenes, and your plan fails, most of the time it's harmless, but not always.

Entry Twenty May 15, 4376

I got a name! There is a name attached to these mysterious cosmic graffiti artists. As I was searching for more references to this TARP, I found an arrow fletched with blue-jay feathers back in Narnia. So, I used my time tracking skills, which I used to find a certian 221B Baker Street, funny name that, I'm sure I've heard it before. So from there I was able to draw three names, The first two, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, were immediately cast out, the arrow was designed for a smaller bow than these two would use. But the third, much harder to find, I had to personally speak with a Ms. Hudson, the resident at 221A Baker Street, to find it, and it turns out that there used to be a young girl there, who went by the name Evenstar. Now that's where things got tricky, it seems that she got involved with a former member of the TTYL, a Time Lord of all things, who goes by the name, "The Doctor". I need to keep better track of those guys. Anyways, I followed her a little bit, up until a dimensional portal. And that's where I've lost her, but still! It's better than what I had before, just need to watch out for that name now.

Entry Twenty-One July 31, 2964

That's, impossible, completely impossible, yet it isn't. I found a former meeting site of this TARP, and, well I know teenagers can head into powerful groups, I myself was a member of the TTYL, but even the TTYL isn't such a hardcore teenage group, all they do is time travel, from what I can tell about these guys, they seem to be some sort of Medieval fanclubb, bearing weapons that should be impossible for their age, and what I also see, they are more tha capable with magic.

I've seen obvious indents of sword in the dirt, a tree has three arrows embedded down to the head, and there's this one cut, that looks like it was carven out with a burning sword. Someone here has a dragon, because it does't look like anybody was fighting, just, bored. Thus the dragon must be a friendly member of the team, and there are numerous hoof tracks, too large and deep to be horses, but something tells me it is an Earth creature.

Oh, beautiful! It's a cow, definately a cow, oh, and who knew cow pies could smell so bad. I might have to burn this boot. Oh gosh it's everywhere! Stupid stench

Entry Twenty-Two March 19, 2015

I found something again, but this was much more recent, a revolution sprung up in Russia, so I went to check it out for its source, and I found the residue from an extra-dimensional portal. This one seemed to be the source of the revolution, so I tracked it, going to get to the end zone soon, but this just SMELLS of TARP, whatever TARP is.

Entry Twenty-Three April 15, 2014

Something happened here, one of the latest First full moons of spring just HAPPENED to be a lunar eclipse, either there is dark magic, or there is going to be. Maybe TARP is around here somewhere… WHAT IS TARP!!! I should do something else with my time, cosmic stalking is to stressful

Entry Twenty-Four November 17, 3829

Why is it that full moons harness such magical energy? Is it the bending of light waves?

Note: look into magical properties of full moons

Entry Twenty-Five April 15, 2014

I figured the best way to research full moons is to travel to one, so I returned to this cursed one again, but this time, I study from the moon, there seems to be no significant changes, but I brought research materials, maybe I'll get figure it out

oh, I think that makes sense, because Magic is a vary life-oriented person, and so she attributes her power to things that life holds precious, that she might be held precious too.

so that is, in general, how things are enchanted, from the moon in the sky, down to simple good-luck charms.

Love is a powerful force, and she is Magic's battery

Entry Twenty-Six November 23, 1963

WAIT!! that doesn't make sense, then how do evil hatey people do magic?

Something to research later

but for now

the final chapter in cosmic stalking, I was able to find TARP, I am literally standing within hearing range of their camp, just need to wait long enough

Entry Twenty-Seven July 18, 2011

My word, it turns out these people aren't as violent as I had assumed, it turns out that they are just questers looking for adventure in the world, something that I can appreciate. it's such a wonderful concept, just traveling the world for the sake of finding something fun to do, must discuss it with Polnaya, then I think we shall follow them.

Note: They get told nothing, I am only a traveling magician and thief, nothing more, nothing less

Entry Twenty-Eight August 27, 2013

I did it, and I must say, this is a very clever, artistic bunch of people.

Met so Far:


Evenstar Pevensie


Knight Xander


It doesn't seem to be a very male populated group, I'm not sure if they trust me yet, very wise of them, but still, It would be nicer.

Narnia (I think she has a sister who also goes by Narnia, they seem to be referencing a Narnia 1 and 2, complicated, I don't like it) seems to have some kind of rivalry with Levi, not sure the exact implications

Levi is violent, got to keep an eye on that one, he has a facination with knives and things like that, VERY antisocial, recheck, keep TWO eyes on that one

Evenstar... seems to have her own agenda, doesn't show up that much, (according to conversation I've picked up on) but the others respect her, probably the closest they have to a leader

Note: Very chaotic group, no sense of heirarchy, command, organization, for most they just show up when they aren't doing there own thing

Opinion: I like it

Knight Xander, violent, but less... angry? not sure the right word, than Levi, has some obsession with beings from a parallel 'verse, only name I can remember is Ganondorf

Potter, possibly the closest they have to a pacifist in this group, which doesn't say all that much, while these people are all very "peaceful" in general, they have a freaky satisfaction in fighting, Potter seems to have the least of this

Try to become friends with Evenstar, may help certain things, and I get the feeling I won't have much of a choice becoming friends with Potter, hopefully I can integrate completely peacefully, and eveyrone will show trust, but I need to remember


Entry Twenty-Nine May 2, 1945

They say every time-travellers dream is to kill Hitler, and among us older time-travellers it is well known that killing Hitler is impossible, for complicated time-streaminess I won't go into. But I figured, what would happen if I were to try? Twelve time jumps and six failed assassination attempts later, I realised that Hitler's time stream is so thickly concentrated, that every time I try, something goes wrong, the closest I ever got (this time) he got there first. And so I've just been hanging around Berlin trying to clean up the mess the Red Army left behind.

Entry Thirty August 30, 2013

These TARP don't time jump as often as I thought they did, and they seem to be quite fond of this time stream, I have to keep on recalibrating my Relative time so that it coincides properly. Not fun.

Entry Thirty-One August 31, 2013

Zyllztarr Firesword:

  • Likes apple Pie
  • A lot
  • Will fight for apple Pie
  • Will be insolent for apple Pie
  • Has multiple lives
  • Will probably be a good friend
    • if shares apple pie

Yes, I speak from experience, it's amazing how much you can learn about a person in one day

Entry Thirty-Two September 9, 2013

Cows.... I never thought cows could be so..... cows...

the horror, I'm never looking at a cow the same way again


I need a break, these people are going to drive me insane, and I don't need any more of that. Or do I?

Is this truly the break I need? Are they really causing me insanity? Or a clean vent with which to pour out hundreds of years of struggle?

This is the kind of thing I say that makes people think I'm a poet.

Entry Thirty-Three October 20, 2013

I, don't know what to do, what does one do when they're daughter is killed by a friend? It's, Levi must pay, I don't know how, but he must, if he is to be thrown into the fires of mount doom, then I won't care, but he must, feel pain

Entry Thirty-Four November 6, 3691


Edwin Stanton: Late

"enough lives have been sacrificed"

Johnson takes a walk

"Well, I think the boy can do us more good above ground than underground."

Nancy Bushrod: missing paychecks

"I would almost give my other hand if I could shake that of Abraham Lincoln."

5:00 PM

Dick Oglesby, Isham Haynie

Clara Harris, Henry Rathbone

712 Jackson Place

"Good night Mr. President"

"Good-BY, Crook"

Ashmun return visit in morning

"Useless, Useless"

Entry Thirty-Five January 11, 1007

I figured it out! there's absolutey no math involved whatsoever! Well, actually there's a little bit. Whenever you are outside your "time-zone" the period in which your standard timeline is contained, time forgets about you, and you do not age, but when you re-enter the timezone before where you are supposed to be, you age at a rate the number of years in difference multiplied by the years standard difference until you reach the proper age, when you enter ahead, it sucks you to the proper time and place at a rate of a ten years a second, found that out the hard way.

Entry Thirty-Six October 16, 2013

They through (threw) a Ball today, and it was, to say the least. Interesting. My brother, he now goes by Elessar, showed up, and after an hour or so he showed me the truth, and I feel, enlightened, we scheduelled a coffee meeting, he says he'll meet me at Pompeii, I'll know when, and we'll work on all the little details then. 

I just found this queer piece of paper, it just floated up to me, it's written in Old English, but I think I can translate it Olaf is strong-willed, intelligent, and has a very sarcastic sense of humour.

Otherwise stated, He's a stubborn, annoying, Smart Alek

-Oscar Whitsen in an interview about Olaf after being shown his file.

He will easily get into conflict with people, usually because they have alternate beliefs from him. But he has been known to accept challenges made by others

Meaning if they disagree with him, he'll kill you. And he doesn't want to look like a coward.

-Oscar Whitsen in the same interview about Olaf

He is often seen with a book, and will often sit down and read them during large gatherings.

Seriously guys? He's ignoring you, he likes his books more than people, I heard him say it once.

-Oscar Whitsen in the same interview.

He has also been known to kill unsuspecting family members who insult him.

F*rt, I need to get out of here, he's on to me, I thought you said those interviews were anonymous!

-An anonymous participant in a later interview about Olaf Whitsen

He likes Tetris quite a lot


He likes to think he's zen but really he's a bit of a dork.

-Nevah Gold

Olaf? Oh yes. He's a pompus, idoiotic, bossy, evil genius. But that's exactly why we love him.


I think they're talking about me, curious

Entry Thirty-Seven November 23, 2013

I asked them about the paper, they didn't seem to recall saying those quotes, but they did agree that it sounded like something they would have said, it is of no matter, as more important events are coming forth.

TARP has been growing strongly in numbers, we now number more than 50, probably much more, but what defines TARP is becoming more blurry by the second, it seems that anyone who finds us by any means now has the right to call themselves one of us, and this has begun to corrupt us in the same way it did

never mind

Entry Thirty-Eight November 24, 2013

The Darkness strikes hardest

when swarmed by the light

How many years must I

wait for the fight

Another day colder

Another day gone

This eternal journey

has gone far too long

Entry Thirty-Nine December 31, 1945

We have been forced to go into hiding, the new blood that doesn't know what they're doing have overpowered us, I fear the TTYL will hate us more than ever for letting these upon time, but if only we had known beforehand...

I did not know how strongly I had intertwined myself with these until they took me into their secret hiding place, now I truly feel trusted, even though they have no reason to do so. no, they do not know about that, if they did, who knows, maybe my current life will outbalance my past, I think I must talk with my brother some more

Entry Fourty March something or another who cares 23, 1345

as if life wasn't complicated enough already, apparently some certain people think I would do well with a certain other somebody, I admit she isn't too bad but

actually, I don't want Meg anybody seeing that, I do need to talk to Pot (stop writing names you old fool) somebody who would like to know what I have learned

Entry Fourty-One February 13, 2013 2014

I created a massive book for all of us TARPers to write our history, it will help work out some of our trust issues, and help us understand each other better

Entry Fourty-Two October 22, 7310


Entry Fourty-Three September 12, 5321

What even is that? I don't remember writing it. I don't even remember being in 7310! Well this is complicated

Entry Fourty-Five March 19, 2013 2014


Entry Fourty-Six June 23, 2013 2014 (wait no, that one actually was 2013, stupid time travel)

There has been talk of returning from hiding to the open, I'm not sure if we should, I would like to, but I don't know if it's a good idea

Entry Fourty-Seven August 27, 2014

This is the "one" year anniversary of my time with TARP (relative time) if it hadn't been for this journal I probably would have forgotten, the talk of returning is going off and on, I'm still trying to get everything to work out

Entry Fourty-Eight August 28, 2014

I had the dream again, I haven't had the dream since, since before Vahxenes, my that was so long ago.

Polnaya says I should write it down, that it might help pull it out, but I'm not yet ready to have hard evidence of anything the TTYL can use against me

Entry Fourty-Nine January 22, 1965

Note to Self: Never watch Earth movies when mentally unstable, that was, hold on, I need to make sure that actually happened

Entry Fifty January 23, 1965

Oh my gosh it actually did, now I need to apologize to the Queen of England, again, well, this is going to be awkward

Entry Fifty-One October 16, 2014

I did it... I did it again, I don't know how, I thought I'd restrained it, this isn't good, not good at all

Entry Fifty-Two October 31, 2014

Dark forces have tormented us, so we have gone into hiding, not even the others know where we are,but we do speak to them still

Entry Fifty-Three November 11, 2014

Let's pretend we're writing important things in here yes, Mess with little Xandra, that'll be fun

Entry Fifty-Four July 17, 1667

"They have their own purpose." I may be on my way to finding out the force behind the TTYL, the TTYL wouldn't say something like that, the TTYL would just have us captured, or maybe the TTYL badge was a disguise, I can't be sure. Prepare for more analysis later.

(Back Pages of Journal)

Olaf Whitsen

The Owner of this Journal, congratulations, you have reached the end of my tale, since you are reading this and not me, I am either dead or have fallen under extreme circumstances, either way, leave this in a trash can at your nearest Library or center of Scholars and appropriate actions will be taken, thank you for your assistance stranger.


My Daughter, most of the time she's a 4 and a half ft tall Dire Wolf, but due to her parentage on my side, she takes a humanoid form under full moons.

Evenstar Pevensie

high ranking official of TARP, typically off on individual missions, likes hats, hates Penguins, as chaotic as the rest of them

Xandra Trelawny

Remember that girl from the Library? Yeah apparently she's with TARP, but not so bad anymore. She's got as complicated a background as the rest of them, but she's on the more reasonable side, however, she is dangerous, maybe the most dangerous one there I'm not sure


Type 0: Avoid at all costs, takes on a sooty black color with bright yellow streaks, referred to as "The Bumblebee" underground

Type 5: The Memory Potion, always requires a spark of magic, usually from a magic users blood (safest method) is bright blue until "sparked" when it becomes an almost invisible grey, so far unknown retrieval, has multiple effects on memory, requires extreme care while guiding the process

Type 10: While this may seem like your average super-poison, the "Deathlove" actually cuts itself and its victim from the touch of magic, so that it cannot be detected and its target cannot save itself with magic, then the potion tears apart the soul and mind, leaving no "natural" signs of Death, and making it extremely hard to resurrect through traditional means

Type 15: Harvested from the Ghost swamps, should be grey and sticky (DO NOT DRINK) absorbs effect of spells

Type 35: Magic suppressant, weakens magic users, in small amounts can limit the effect with technology, created with Eldaba? Haltirgast? and Unicorn Blood (Extremely unstable alchemy process, do not attempt until ingredients and amounts are confirmed)

Type 36: Experimental version of Type 35, stable process, unstable results, more experimentation required.

Type 40: 3oz Eldaba 4oz Nitold -> 3L of Orad/Water. Should be blue with hint of Orange "Sunrise" repairs basic wounds

Morgana's Spell: Magic from the Book 2234189 (The Tales of Merlin and other Arthurian Legends) in the Xyzzy Library captured with Type 15, is grey with slight purple tinge, seems to be gasious, so far unknown how to release, assumed exposure to atmosphere

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