August 17, 2086. 0700 

Recorder: CmdCapt. Arlo Dobson 

Agenda : First experiment with Capt. Dobson as Officer in Chief of this Department.

  1. Taking a look at the Time Lord Shazka Battle Armor
  • ​Found evidence of some Dalek Empire technlogy circa. 356 B.C. HT (Human Time)
  • Successfully rebooted systems twice and unfortunately found interface deleted. 

End of Mission: 2000

The Time Lord Science Dept


August 18, 2086. 0700

Recorder: CaptFC. Christina Sumner

Agenda: Trying to create artificial TARDIS Matrix. Contact with the Doctor not achieved 1237.

Retasked 1300, looking at how the Time Vortex effects the human body. Tests limited to lab.

  • Hints of microevolution taking place.
  • Large scale mutations not probable.

End of Mission: 2045


August 19, 2086. 0800

Recorder: CIV. Neville Bordeaux

Agenda: Captain Dobson and Sumner out for planning meeting. Routine equipment cleaning.

End of Mission: 1800


August 20, 2087. 0800

Recorder: CmdCapt. Arlo Dobeson

Agenda: Experiencing Time Slip. All hands on engines. The Slip is causing redirected thrust friction. Engines compromised. Reverting to secondary solar sails. Raiders sighted 2000 clicks off starboard stern. All hands preparing for scrimmages. Casualties expected.

End of Mission: 2100


August 31, 2087. 0635

Recorder: CmdCapt. Arlo Dobeson

Agenda: Free of time slip. 5,000 clicks from orbit of M83A. Starport ASUS7 located on celestial body. Raiders are now less than 500 clicks and closing. Port deck cannons opened fire 0545. Large battle to ensue. Escape pods prepared.

End of Mission: 2134



September 1, 2087. 0543

Recorder: CmdCapt. Arlo Dobeson

Agenda: Raiders boarded Portside on A deck. Found that other half of Atraxi Police betrayed the Human Faction. Ship is slipping into a crash with the surface of M83A. Most of crew evacuated to ASUS7, including CIV Neville Bordeaux and CaptFC. Christina Sumner. Rest sent to take logs and other confedential information out of departments and fight to remaining pods, including CmdCapt. Arlo Dobeson. Most are expected to be killed in the fight or die in the crash.

End of mission: 1627