Nevah Gold is one of the senior members of TARP. She is a rather brash person, who will not hesitate to fight even if she's sure to get her butt kicked. The host of Lyssa.


Born in Wisconsin, Nevah wasn't really much until she found out her parentage. That is, when a massive double-headed snake almost ate her until a goat-legged bloke cause it to immolate and told her she was a demigod. She was then dragged off to Camp Half-Blood, where she discovered he father was Apollo, monsters existed, and use of primitive weapons was encouraged. Here she learned how to fire a bow and grew very close to her half brother, Hayden.

Descent Into Madness

During the Titan Uprising, many demigods left Camp Half-Blood. Hayden was one of them. In the middle of the night he woke Nevah and tried to convince her to go with him. She refused, saying that she wasn't angry at the gods for never speaking to them, but grateful that one had caused her to exist. He left in disgust, calling her a weakling and saying that she wasn't his sister any longer.

Later, during a brief pause in fighting during The Battle of New York, Nevah went scavenging for arrows. She came across a group of fallen enemies and started to steal the arrows from their quivers. As she can upon a helmeted body, she curiously took off the dented helm. It was Hayden.

In shock and already a bit emotionally unstable in the first place, Nevah fled into the Camp Half-Blood Forest and spent an entire month rampaging through the woods in grief-fulled insanity, tearing monsters to pieces with her bare hands, attacking dryads, and starting rumors of a demon that lived in that forest. When a troop of demigods went into the woods to slay the demon, they found Nevah, blood-stained and filthy, crying in a small cave that was inches deep in monster dust. This period marked the beginning of Nevah's second personality, Canamaria Zapier.

After a long period of unsuccessful magical therapy, Nevah left Camp Half-Blood to try and forget her past. It was around this time she found TARP.

Finding TARP

To be accurate, Nevah didn't find TARP. It found her. It began with random teleportation through dimensions. Once minute she was sitting on a park bench, next she was dangling upside-down from a tree with four pointy-eared guys pointing loaded bows at her. The involuntary dimension hopping continued almost daily, throwing her into a different world each time and teaching her that demigods weren't the weirdest things out there. Three weeks after the teleportation began, it stopped at possibly the worst possible time. For a month Nevah was stuck on a planet almost a billion light years from Earth, imprisoned as a member of an intergalactic fighting ring. She grew fame as the Golden Revenge, winning every single fight (with the help of Canamaria, of course). After a particularly taxing battle, Nevah noticed a blond man in strange grey robes staring at her from the crowds. He seemed to vanish as soon as she saw him, but his peculiarity struck her. That night as she was sitting in her cell she heard a voice whisper, "Escape" and watched the door swing open. Nevah quickly followed the advice and managed to stow away in some boxes of soon to be confiscated contraband. This was her first meeting (if it could be called that) with a member of TARP, Olaf Whitsen.


Nevah is introverted, cynical, sarcastic, stubborn, hotheaded, usually irritated, and can sometimes switch at the drop of a hat. Otherwise, she can be an incredibly loyal friend and partner in battle. She tends to use colorful metaphors in various dialects with extreme frequency.


Nevah is a tall teenager, with thick, muscular legs, scrawny arms, and tapered fingers. Her hair is brown, long, and almost always back in a ponytail. Nevah's eyes are hazel, although when Canamaria is in control they glaze over with a white film and turn bloodshot, and when Lyssa is in control, they turn pure red and steam slightly. She usually wears jeans, winter boots, t-shirts, and an overlarge zipper jacket. Not to mention her quiver, holster, and dagger sheath. She has a sphere-shaped piercing in her tongue. During an eventful mission in Budapest with Meg she somehow ended up getting a tattoo on her stomach. Nevah has openly declared that if said mission partner ever tells anybody said mission partner shall be put into a trebuchet and fired into Mt. Doom.