sister to Narnia Lover 2, Senior Members of TARP

I know my story doesn't mach Liz's..but go with it.

ME and my best friend,Evenstar

Me and my best friend,Evenstar.

I grew up in Narnia during the Golden Age.I was an orphan, nobody knew who I was or where I came from.I was found by the sea shore when I was a baby.As the years went by, I found work as a personal maid to Queen Lucy at Cair Paravel till I was thirteen. Then one day I was walking in the woods, west of Lantern Wast, and all the sudden, I was in the strange land of Pandora.I can't explain how, it must have been a sign from Aslan. I was the quite tipe, so for a long time all I did was watch what went on outside my little box of insecurity.

Then one day, I was minding my own business, and stumbled across TARP.I watched them, especially a certain TARPer named Evenstar Pevensie, for a bit.I laughed at there RPs,learned their names and personalities.One day I got up enough courage to ask them if I could join their group.To my surprise and delight,they said yes and welcomed me warmly. Now I'm a proud Senior Members of TARP. And so far,I'm living happily ever after.


Quite,shy, not a people person at all. I find it hard to make friends but when I do I'm fiercely loyal and would do anything for them. I tend to be on the glass-is-half-empty point of view.I'm very sarcastic when I want to be.I like to make people laugh. I'm a natural leader, but I still prefer to have someone else lead the way.


I'm always seen with my beloved bow and arrows. I lean towards the Narnian look as to the Elvish look many prefer.I have sturdy walking boots and a blue peasant blouse. I'm always ready to travel in an efficient and sensible way.