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"*laughs* Apparently I'm 'mysterious'. The mysterious demigod Meg. That makes me sound way more exciting than I actually am. But seriously. that was pretty funny. Mysterious....*proceeds to fall into a fit of giggles*"

-Meg, after going on this wiki after several weeks to see what she missed.

A  Bio of Sorts

I really don't like this bio, so I plan to rewrite it soon.

TARP, Or As It's Called Right Now, The Fellowship

The second she walked through the wardrobe, a wet cat sailed over her head. Then she heard the shouts of "DOOM!" and "DIE, PIPPIN!" and "GUYS, THEY'VE GOT NERF GUNS!" a few feet ahead. In a clearing in the woods,she saw a couple of teenage girls fighting two hobbits with swords, bows and arrow, Nerf guns, and yes, wet cats. Now, Meg is quite done with writing in the third person, so she will start typing in the first person now. "WHAT IN HADES?!?!?!?" I thought to myself. That's when I almost ended up with an arrow in my head. "DOOM!!!" One of the girls screamed at me. Another one, seemingly calmer than the others, smiled and said worriedly, "Believe me, you do not want to know." That's when it occurred to me that I might not have screamed that in my head. Around 10 minutes later of talking the strange group of girls and shooting at evil hobbits, I realized that these people were insane, so I backed off. But, as strange as they were, they intrigued me. However, I had other things to do, like find out how I ended up in a winter forest. For some mysterious reason, I didn't think those girls were the most reliable source. Little did I know that they would soon be the greatest friends I would ever have.

Personality and Appearance

Meg is a rather strange person.  She is funny (at least that's what she thinks), sarcastic, smart, stubborn, and a bit insane.  She randomly bursts into song, often Disney songs.  She tends to get in trouble a lot, and likes to make dramatic exits.  Meg also seems to have difficulty putting on dresses and walking in them,too. Whenever she goes places, she ends up almost dying or being a wanted criminal. Most of the time it's both. No matter how irritating or idiotic she can be, she still cares about her friends, and misses everyone who leaves. She will absolutely, positively, not hesitate to tackle-hug you if you haven't been on for 1+ weeks,especially if you are a TARPer named Percy Jackson.

"Ugh, look at this! *hold up a poster* Nobody ever gets my nose right!"

Meg to Xandra during an RP


-Meg, tripping over herself while wearing a dress 

I am stubbornness. Stubbornness is me.

-Meg to Evenstar


Meg has dark hair that is almost always in a braid. She has green eyes and is somewhere between 5'3 and 5'6.

Contents of Backpack

An assortment of knives and daggers

A thermos filled with Nectar and a ziplog bag of ambrosia

Any random book

First-aid kit thrown at her head in Budapest, ironically giving her a concussion.