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One of the three consciences occupying Nevah Gold's mind. Lyssa is basically the personification of mad rage and frenzy, and also the goddess of rabies.

History[edit | edit source]

Entrance into Nevah Gold's Mind[edit | edit source]

During the Titan War, Lyssa was one of the few deities who didn't choose a side. As the Battle of New York raged on, she realized that if the titans won, she would be destroyed, and if the gods won, she would be shunned for not assisting in the fight. So Lyssa decided to secure safety for herself. She had heard of the Egyptian gods taking hosts, and being encased in a mortal shell sounded like it would afford the most protection against the gods, especially if it were the child of one.

Effects On the Host[edit | edit source]

Having a primordial force inside your skull does not come without any side effects. Some are somewhat beneficial, others are rather less so.

Rabies[edit | edit source]

The host's bite will give the victim a higher form of rabies. This will act in half the time as the normal strain and be twice as dangerous. However, the host can cure victims if they wish to. This is a painful process for both host and victim and leaves the host weakened and mentally suppressed for an hour to a day. The host is also immune to the disease.

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