Levi was a senior member of TARP and master of stealth and a master of all blades. He died alone, consumed by his own darkness. A darkness forged from losing everything and everyone he loved.


A master of stealth and blades. He has a rudimentary knowledge of poisons. He is a skilled strategist and can think 10 times faster than any human being, which gives him the ability to process any situation and find a solution quickly. He is a skilled knife thrower.


Quiet, very logical, doesn't like many people, he loves knives


He has enhanced reflexes and coordination. He can heal quicker than normal humans, it takes a few minutes for a cut to heal, and just a few hours for a broken bone to heal completely.


Most of his history is unknown. His world was obliterated and he was wandering the earth looking for a purpose to continue living. He joined TARP one day when he was stalking them and they noticed him despite his stealth. They fought for a while then realized they had no reason to fear each other.They invited him to continue with them on their quest. He accepted the invitation and many of them quickly became friends. He later left TARP when it fell apart. One by one his friends left him.

Future Levi

Levi, but in the modern era/future with modern/future weapons. He love knives and explosions. He always carries C4. He carries two energy based pistols that never have to reload, although they do overheat if fired too rapidly.