Kataria Loxie is a loosely, demonically-aligned witch, wielding a wand in the form of a twisted knife, formerly a normal knife distorted by the dark forces she's empowered it. The knife serves as her vessel of magic and without it, she loses her more prominent abilities - hexing, mental manipulation, insert other dark arts - but retains most of her natural abilities which include a resistance to feeling pain, a backwards dash that leaves a faux image in her original place, and an immunity to all types of poison. On that note, if she is exposed to poison, her blood illuminates to a hot shade of magenta and instead of debilitating and harming her, instead empowers her into a manageable but slightly hard-to-control frenzy.

Her Timeline Edit

Kataria knew little of her past life before coming wherever here is. Through the tattered veils of her memory, she recalled a friend, who she can't remember a name or face, but knew he was with her before she was separated. She recalled a rift, opened by someone who she thought was also a friend. She remembered other, insignificant things that don't make sense to her, which she decided to ignore. Her first concrete memory, which was how she got here, was falling from the sky, which although it was midday and bright and sunny, she saw a dark blue sky, the stars were oddly arranged. She didn't feel any sort of air rushing past her as she fell and when she hit the ground, she found it odd to have landed softly on the grass of a forest.

As a fresh arrival, with a newly cleared memory, she spent her first few hours wandering the forest. She met some of the wild life, consisting of weirdly formed goats and rabbits who walked instead of hopping; butterflies which traveled in schools similarly to fish and birds which she could hear, but couldn't see. After a few more hours and finally realizing her forlorn situation and the oncoming dire need for food water and shelter, she began to ponder her situation. Kataria refused to let her panic set in and her mood was saved with the sight of a deer, the first normal animal she's seen since her arrival. She was determined on slaying the deer for food and its hide and looked around for anything she could use to incapacitate and end the life of the animal. She wandered a little bit more and discovered a cabin unoccupied. She made her way inside and found a decently sized hunting knife, which she ventured back into the forest and murdered the deer with an incredible throw that put the knife straight through its neck, making it her first kill.

Kataria took the knife from the dead animal's neck and began to carve into the belly of the deer when something remarkable happened. Upon a single drop of blood coming in contact with her flesh and knife in hand, a burning, searing pain flashed on to Kataria. She writhed and spasmed in an unknown agony, her blood boiled within her and a failure to scream uttered from her lips. The sounds of lightning and explosions echoed through her ears, yet there was nothing around her or in the sky to visually validate them. Suddenly, it all stopped and Kataria laid there with the deer, side by side. The knife was still in her hand which before her eyes began to creak and contort into a twisted, sinister form, becoming the knife-wand she wields today. Her inert powers had awakened, and her mind became equally distorted. There on the blank slate were gratuitous splatters of bloodshed.

From that day forth, Kataria studied and exercised her new-found vigor, using the wildlife and eventually passerby travelers to flesh out her abilities. Using the cabin as her home, she actually lived very minimally holding very little possessions other than the basic household items, her wardrobe, vials, and her knife. Every now and then, her memories of her past invade her dreams, and she wonders for a moment who and what she was, before shaking it off and returning to her infernal work.

One day the midday sky was a dark blue again, and the audience of stars arranged themselves in an ominous alignment, a memory flashed in Kataria, and she knew then, something had followed her here, and although she didn't truly know what it was, the unknown fear forced a tighter a grip on her knife and a much more violent stab on the helpless victim below her.

Personal Effects Edit

  • Twisted Knife: Kataria's medium of magic, functions like a wand. Can be used to cast a phantom throwing dagger. Blood stained on the blade has a tendency to stay on it as it is then infused with dark magic. Also used as a knife, ya know, just knifey things, nail filing, delving, stabbing, slashing, mass evisceration, etc.
  • Wardrobe: Dresses, leather gear, the usual, etc.
  • Vials of ... stuff: The contents vary, blood, liquid souls, fruit juice, toxic water, sparkling water, pure water, undead water, water of the undead

Abilities Edit

Without the knife

  • A backwards dash which leaves a faux image in her place that doesn't dissipate until disturbed
  • Empowerment through poison, which turns her blood a glowing magenta and puts her into a powerful frenzy, which can prove difficult to control
  • Contaminated blood; her blood is contaminated with something shadowy which may harm others if they come in contact with the blood.

Exclusive to the knife/Requires the knife

  • Phantom throwing knife - self-explanatory
  • Infuses blood that is on the blade with dark magic; infused blood can be used to cast curses on individuals
  • Painless self-infliction: for more powerful curses, Kataria must use her own blood to plant the curse, which must be harvested using only her knife
  • Can cast a limited variety of dark spells; Kataria specializes in blood and curses, not so much with mainstream dark magic.

Typical Appearance Edit

Kataria Loxie adorns an indigo hood with a downward length reaching the top of her thighs, and long sleeves. Along with that, she wears a simple aquamarine (sometimes maroon) blouse and the black jeans she arrived with. Her auburn hair is unruly and reaches just a few inches below her neck. She used to don a pair of blue eyes, which are now hazel for no apparent reason. She stands at a height of height of 5'5". Her skintone is not a pure white, but slightly shaded.