When Kale was young, her parents Lyll and Kemry Allerion were sent on a quest by the king, Paladin to destroy and evil wizard. To keep her safe, Lyll left her in the care of a small community as the village slave. Her life was hard but the villagers were not unkind to her. When she was about 13 years old she found a dragon egg.

This discovery sent her to the capital city of Amara, Vendela to speak with the council. On her way, she was met by a group of Paladin's servants with instructions for her to join her on a quest.

On the quest, she made many discoveries about herself. She found out she was destined to be a wizard and a dragon keeper and she discovered who her parents were. On the quest, she used her talents to rescue a meech dragon egg from an evil wizard.

After the quest, she returned to Vendela and began instruction as a servant of Paladin. After a few months, she was sent on another quest to rescue another meech dragon from the same evil wizard. On the quest she met a young man named Bardon. After the quest she began training as a wizard under the tutelage of an elderly bog wizard and a librarian.

Towards the end of her training, she was interrupted by Bardon and asked to join a quest with him. During the time they had been apart they both realized they were falling in love.

She and Bardon were engaged. A short time before the wedding, she and Bardon were sent on separate quests by Paladin. Bardon caught a terrible disease called the stakes on his quest and died before Kale arrived.

Kale was heart broken and in her grief she began constructing portals to random places to take her mind off of her sorrow.

One day, a portal she made took her to a place that was not a part of her world. She soon realized she could make portals to other universes and Paladin made her ambassador to other worlds.

She travelled to Middle Earth, Narnia, and Aerwiar among other places. In Aerwiar, she met a young man named Janner Wingfeather. His world was in a war, she helped Janner and after they won the war, married him.

She now travels between all the worlds as ambassador for Paladin and sword maiden for Anniera, the country over which Janner's younger brother Kalmar is king. Some may think it odd that the younger brother is king but in Anniera they crown the younger brother and make the older throne warden. The throne warden's duty is to protect the king at all cost. This instills a bond between the brothers and ensures the king is never without a protector

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