Jethro is of about 20 years of age and a, cheerful, rough living, flirtatious jokester.

Appearance Edit

Tall, lanky, scrawny, perpetually dirty, with thick blonde hair in dire need of a wash and clever hazel eyes, Jethro is dressed in a cream colored shirt with a sturdy vest, charcoal gray jacket, soft brown pants and a dark leather belt with various knives and pouches attached. He is cute in a boyish sort of way and he is well aware of that fact, using it to its utmost advantage with any attractive lady at every opportunity.

R L S Legacy by Sapphire1993

H.M.S. Riftslice before it was attacked.

Background Edit


Montressor Spaceport

Ordinary sailor with the starship H.M.S. Riftslice, home port is the Montressor Spaceport. He was recently laid off when the Riftslice was attacked by lunar pirates and had to be scrapped due to terrible damage. Jethro spends his days looking for a new crew position, thieving, and looking for excitement.

His father is presumed to have been an ordinary sailor, and his mother was a humble bar maid. Jethro grew up at on the docks of the Montressor Spaceport, soaking in the starfaring world through every pore of his being. Sailing the galaxies is all he has ever dreamed of doing and he is perfectly cut out for the job. His natural leadership abilities, quick mind, and physical agility all make him not just an able sailor, but an excellent one.

Traits Edit

Jethro is clever, scrappy, knows practically every warf rat and lowlife around the space docks, loves adventure, is a crack shot with a pistol, and a prodigy solar-surfer. However, he would also rather run than fight, doesn't work well with others, is a chronic thief and pickpocket, and spends the meager amount of money he rakes in on women, brandy, and solar-sailing gambling, causing him to be sunk in perpetual poverty, though he doesn't seem to mind. 

Dealings with TARP Edit

Jethro regarded TARP as a superstitious myth bred by biddy gossips and old fools. He places no stock in old wives tales and generally holds mockery for magic in general. He has seen many strange things in his journeys through the galaxies, but he believes science can explain everything that the ignorant call "magic". This makes him different than most in his profession, and it causes him to regard his fellow sailors with a certain superiority complex at times.

After contact was first made with TARP in New York City, Jethro was forced to admit to their existence. He quickly discovered that his cavalier attitude, leadership qualities, and egotistical nature clashed loudly with the group. Jethro's opinion of TARP has gotten to a rocky start; a rift has seemed to naturally open between the members of TARP and the various individuals who have formed into a sort of group of its own over the months spent together. Jethro has been seen to be very loyal to the latter group and regards TARP with an almost a competitive nature.

TARP and the new group are not rivals per say, but there is a fair bit of sparks between the two at times.