Heimatil, Agetargon, and Eucartay

The triplet children of Polnaya. They are very playful, but be warned, all play comes at expense of playmates.

Heimatil (Matil)[edit | edit source]

The youngest, most level-headed of the three, she is typically the one that causes the most trouble, but gets the least punishment for it. She is shorter than her two brothers, but she's faster and has sharper teeth. Easily identifiable by the white "belt" around her legs.

Agetargon (Targon)[edit | edit source]

He is the most aggressive, and will typically start many fights with either of his siblings or anyone else in the area. He was the largest of the three until he became nine years old when Eucartay surpassed him. At age four, he developed a severe darkening of the fur, though his paws retained their light color.

Eucartay (Cartay)[edit | edit source]

The oldest, but most playful and energetic of his siblings, he learned how to communicate with Olaf the fastest, and afterwards was able to learn English first, but was still reluctant to do anything besides play until he had passed his brother up in height. He has a unique black tip on his tail, which eventually spread down the rest of his tail, but only his tail was darkened.

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