Harper, (born Eveline Marie Teague) is a shifter, being able to change her appearance to that of any person she can think of, including those from only her imagination. She is not tied down by any loyalties, but instead uses her ability to search for "thrills" mainly in the form of flirting and seduction.



Harper's original form, as well as her preferred.

Harper was born on the planet Axiom to a young but ambitious oil tanker pilot and the daughter of a captain in the Imperial Navy, to whom her father was unwed. Harper's early life was very strained, with rejection as an illegitimate child added to her father's lack of presence resulting from his piloting duties, she found her only stability in the tales of Star Sailors, sailing the galaxy, fighting off dreaded pirates, tales that were probably only tales, but still captured Harper's youthful fascination.


As Harper's childhood faded, so did her fascination of space travel, and soon she looked at Star Sailors as disgusting and uncultured. She began to avoid space travel as much as she could, and once when her mother was going to take her on a trip to Montressor, she snuck off the ship before it left Port and stayed home.

However, for her sixteenth birthday her friends forced her onto a Cruiser to travel to the planet Eirand