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Bob, the Leader of the Evil Penguins. In the days of his youth...while plotting world domination.

Penguins.  The most evil creatures in the universe.  They may look cute and cuddly, but beware.  These sly beasts are faster than you think.  So don't blink.  Good luck. 
Killer penguins

See? To any doubters, evil penguins are REAL!!!!

Evil Penguin


How It All BeganEdit

The deserted steamer was sinking fast. I had to find Sherlock, and quickly. Already icy water was filling the rooms. I ran through the hallways, screaming his name. Alarms blared all around me. This mission had failed horribly. We had received notifications of a gang of notorious criminals on this ship, only to discover it had been a trap. The ship had crashed into an iceberg off Antarctica and the crew and passengers had deserted it. I had to get off the ship fast, but I couldn't find Sherlock. My heart racing, I splashed through the cold water that flooded the passage. I could feel it tipping to the wouldn't be long before it had gone completely underwater. I ran down stairs, searching the rooms. No sign of the detective anywhere. I went into the hold. It was tilted nearly vertically, and full of swirling, dirty water. A sudden jolt sent me sprawling into the water. Then the lights flickered out. Great. I was in a sinking ship chest-high in freezing water in a nearly upside down hold, in the dark, and alone. And I still had to find Sherlock and get out or it was curtains for the both of us.

Then I felt something brush past my leg. My heart skipped a beat as my imagination pictured all sorts of horrible things...then I felt it again. It seemed to be circling me. I heard footsteps coming towards the hold and heard a familiar voice shout my name. Sherlock appeared in the doorway, a nasty gash above his eye, shining a flashlight in my eyes. I could have cried with relief. I think I did.


"Th-there's something in the water," I whispered. "It's ALIVE."

"All the more reason for you to get out," he said. "It could be a shark."

I glared at Sherlock. "Thank you for that image."

The ship jolted again, this time causing him to lose his balance and sent him tumbling into the water. The creature moved again. I grabbed the flashlight and shone the light in it's direction, then gasped with relief.

"A penguin! It's just a penguin." It stared at me. I saw a dozen more penguins around us. What were they doing here? 

Sherlock had clambered up to the door and grabbed my hand. "LEAVE THE PENGUINS EVIE WE HAVE TO GO NOW OR WE'LL GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP!" He yelled above the sound of groaning metal. 

As I turned to leave, I felt a searing pain in my leg.  I looked down and saw a sight that would haunt my nightmares for years to come.  A penguin had latched onto my leg with huge jaws full of huge razor sharp teeth.  It was like something out of a horror movie. I screamed from both pain and fear, desperately trying to push the monster off me.  The other penguins glided through the water and surrounded me, opening their beaks to reveal huge jaws, filling the hold with groans and roars.  They pushed me underwater.  They were like piranhas. I couldn't breathe, all I could feel was intense numbing pressure as they formed a feeding frenzy.

Then hands were around my arm and I dimly felt Sherlock pull me out of the water. And, just like that, they were gone. The penguins disappeared. The world went black.

When I woke up I was back at the exploration base. Dr. Watson and the Doctor were both there. Dr. Watson asked, "What happened? Sherlock is in shock...he said it was penguins. But that looks almost like shark bites, just. . . not quite. I've never seen anything like this."

"It was penguins," I said. "They-they attacked me."

The Doctor was ecstatic. "Penguins! Carnivorous human-eating penguins! Now that is interesting. AMY! RORY! COME ONE LET'S GO FIND THOSE PENGUINS!" And he ran off.

Dr. Watson looked shocked. "Impossible...penguins can't do this..." he gestured to the bite marks on my calves.

My stomach lurched at the sight. "I don't think I like penguins anymore."

aye, 'twas the summer of nineteen eighty-three, first time I'd been then since the Wolf incident, I was on a small fishing boat in the south atlantic, when they came, they seemed peaceful at first, playing around the boat, we tossed them some fish in good fun, but then our first net didn't come back up, just dangles of thread. We sent someone down to see what it was, a bloody corpse came back up. So we readied the harpoon guns and looked for sharks, but all we could see were those happy penguins. Probably ten minutes we were like that, watching the waters, when the boat lurched. I went belowdecks to see what it was, and there, in the middle of the hole in the boat, was a happy little penguin. I wasn't sure what to do, so I pointed the harpoon gun at it, and two other penguins came in through the hole. I saw the water leaking in, and the penguins didn't seem as innocent as they did before, but I still wasn't sure what to do. The captain came in behind me and seemed just as shocked, "Did they do it?" I remember him saying, I just shrugged. Then, then the penguins grinned, showing layers of teeth that would make a shark jealous. We took no time getting off the boat, the crew that didn't see it were confused, but didn't question, they saw what happened to poor young Jerry. From that point on, I've been keeping track of sea damages from the nineteen eighties onward, that seems to be when they've been most violent. Do not trust the penguins, they are dangers to us all.


The PenguinapocalypseEdit

The Penguinapocalypse

The Army of Evil PenguinsEdit

Led by Bob the Ruthless, this army is determined to destroy all of humanity. For more information, read The Penguinapocalypse.