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My tiger form



Evenstar Pevensie (also known as Evie, Evy, Eva, Fish Girl, and Mrs. Pevensie and who knows what other flattering nicknames) is a senior member and original founder and leader of TARP waaay back in August of 2012. 

She is a 317 year old shape-shifting half-elf. 


As an elf she is of average height, slender and lithe, has long wavy dirty blonde hair with light blonde highlights, and deep turquoise-blue eyes that sparkle when she smiles.  And of course, pointy ears.  Her garb is usually a turquoise tunic with pale blue leggings and chocolate brown boots, belt, and gauntlets.  She also wears the Fellowship cloak with the Lorien leaf brooch.  She is rarely seen without her Evil Plans Hat. And if she's not wearing her Evil Plans Hat, she's probably wearing Trevor. Her choice of weapons are her longbow and quiver of blue-jay fletched arrows slung over her shoulder, a saxe knife (a Skandian sea axe, both a weapon and a tool) at her side, and a small throwing dagger hidden in the cuff of her right boot. 

As a tiger, she has snow white fur with ebony black stripes and the same deep blue eyes, though in tiger form they don't sparkle.  They burn with hatred and revenge.




As an Elf

Evenstar is a very excitable and dramatic person.  Unlike most elves, she is very loud and tends to scream and jump around a lot.  She is prone to a high level of randomness and overall weirdness, and often does very strange things.  When she is in a good mood, she is constantly smiling, laughing, singing or doing SOMETHING dramatic.  She walks (hardly ever...mostly skipping or jumping around or something) with a bounce in her step but still with the elf-like grace.  If you can picture an elf boucing with grace, which I highly doubt.  Some of her many weaknesses are: she is stubborn, hotheaded, selfish, rather annoying, very forgetful, and patience is a foreign word to her.  And she has Aracnaphobia (very badly, I'm afraid).  But her mood can change in the fraction of a second.  She can get moody and angry very easily and is very likely to go into tiger form when angered.  So a word of warning: don't make her angry. 


As a Tiger

In tiger form her personality is usually an angry tiger.  Or a happy one..if you give her chocolate.  As a tiger she is either a killing machine or like a big playful kitten.  Not a very wide range of emotions there. 

My Childhood

221B Baker Street

I grew up mostly under Dr. Watson's care, as Sherlock was always busy. For 10 years I lived at 221B Baker Street, learning all there was to know about medicine, chemicals, crime, and music. Sherlock attempted to teach me the violin, but I wasn't interested and instead took to the piano. It was an interesting life. Sometimes Sherlock would let me help him on a case, and then Dr. Watson would get angry and say that running around after dangerous criminals was not for little girls. Then Sherlock would look at him funny and say, "There's more to her than meets the eye, John." I didn't understand until one day when I was eight I found that I could turn into a tiger. I was frightened at first. Then Sherlock told me that I was a shape shifter. "Like me," he said. "I am a shape shifter, too. I can take the form of a dragon."  I asked why he didn't turn into a dragon and kill his arch nemisis so he wouldn't kill any more inncoent people.  It seemed logical.  But Sherlock just smiled and said I was too young to understand some things. 

So life went on as usual.  Then one day, when I was ten years old, I came home from spending the day at the library, and found the flat silent and empty.  I waited for a long time.  Finally, late that night, Dr. Watson came.  His eyes were rimmed with red, and he limped slowly as though it hurt to move.  He hugged me for a long time.  I was scared.  "What happened?"  I asked.  Dr. Watson said softly, "Evie, how brave are you?" My voice rose with panic. "What happened?  Please tell me.  Where....where's Sherlock?"  He whispered, his voice breaking. "He loved you, Evie. Always remember that."  I stared at him in horror, the truth dawning on me.  "He's dead."  Dr. Watson nodded.  I backed away, tears welling up in my eyes.  How could Sherlock do this to me?  If he really had loved me, he wouldn't have died.  My whole word was falling apart.   I ran to my room and flung myself on the bed, angry, confused, and heartbroken.  The tears came and I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. At first I couldn't remember what had happened, but then the horrible truth came back to me. "Sherlock is dead." Just then my phone beeped. A text message popped up. It read: wrong -SH. I gasped. I texted back: Sherlock you're alive?! No reply. I slipped on my shoes and a coat and ran outside. It was cold. But I hardly felt the cold, all I could think about was that Sherlock was alive. And I was going to find him.

It's Bigger On The Inside

I ran down the sidewalks, no idea where I was going. Just...somewhere. I felt sure every step was taking me closer to finding Sherlock. All of a sudden, I heard running footsteps behind me. I turned around. A man wearing a trench coat ran past me, holding a whirring blinking object and shouting, "THE LITTLE WHIRLY DISC IS GOING AROUND AHA OH THAT IS BRILLIANT I MUST BE CLOSE!" Then the object exploded. Not a big explosion, but it was big enough to scare me. I jumped. There was something strange about this man...I could feel it. He stopped and turned a complete circle, looking puzzled. "It stopped. Why did it stop? UNLESS....." He noticed me. He studied me for a moment and smiled broadly. "Oh hello," he said. "I'm the Doctor." I stared at him, not sure how to react. "And you are?" he prompted. "Evenstar." I muttered, inwardly berating myself for telling a stranger my name. "Evenstar...what?" he asked. Rather reluctantly, I replied:"Holmes. Evenstar Holmes." The Doctor looked delighted. "Any chance you're related to Sherlock Holmes?" I glared at him. This was rather a sore subject with me. No one knew my last name, so I had taken on Sherlock's name as my own. "No I am not now if you'll excuse me I have to be going." I pushed past him. He called after me. "You're looking for him, aren't you?" I stopped. The Doctor held out his hand. "I can help you. Come with me." He was a stranger, but somehow I trusted him. I wanted to trust him. So I took his hand. "Allons-y!" the Doctor cried and took off running again, pulling me along. I asked him breathlessly where we were going and he said he was taking me to his ship. Ship? Completely puzzled, we entered into an alley. There was a blue telephone box standing there. The Doctor opened the door. "Is this your ship?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Take a look." he said. I stepped inside and gasped. "No way! That's impossible! It''s..." The Doctor grinned at me. "It's bigger on the inside. This is my ship. The TARDIS." I stared at him in amazement. "Who are you?" "Just the Doctor," he said. "Now then! Shall we be off? Can't keep Sherlock waiting now can we?" I smiled back. This time, it was genuine.

Traveling, Imprisonment, and More Traveling

The Doctor and I traveled through space for a long time. It's hard to keep track of time out there. The Doctor would take me to amazing places and sometimes we had to run from things that wanted to kill us or eat us or turn us into nasty things. It was fun and scary and I loved every minute of it. I almost forgot about searching for Sherlock. One day the TARDIS went out of control. It crashed, and I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, I found myself in a lab room. Over the weeks I spent in that room, I came to know who my captors were. An Irish boy named Artemis Fowl, and Sherlock's arch-enemy, J. Moriarty. The Fowl boy had found me on the moors and had brought me back to his labs to study, finding out that I wasn't human. Moriarty, who knew me well as an enemy and a ward of Sherlock, had gotten wind of the situation and had tracked Artemis down. He threatened my captor. Artemis offered Moriarty fairy gold to keep him from causing trouble and, as he put it, "a share in my discovery. . .half of the wealth that I will find on the new planet, the new world. . .in another universe". Artemis, the genius he was, had made a portal to a parallel world. Moriarty at first didn't believe him. But Fowl showed him the portal, and told him how they would send someone through the portal to be the first to test it. That someone was me. The day finally came when I was sent through the portal, covered with cams and monitors. The portal was somewhat like the time and space vortex, only not as powerful.

Apprenticed to the Prince

I woke up in the middle of nowhere. In every direction, beautiful empty scenery stretched out as far as I could see. ‘’Huh. So the portal actually worked.” I started walking. Hours later, I finally came upon a huge forest. After getting thoroughly lost, I began to notice the traces of spider web on the trees. That did nothing to calm my nerves. As I ventured deeper and deeper into the forest, the web became thicker and thicker, until I came face to face with the spiders that had made it. It was not a pleasant encounter. Out of all my escapades with the Doctor and Sherlock, I would have traded aliens and criminals for giant spiders any day! I was already prone to a deathly fear of spiders. But these were huge. It was a nightmare. It wasn’t long before I was trussed up in web and only partly conscious, due to spider venom in my blood stream. Then I dimly heard the sound of yelling and arrows being released all around me. My web cocoon was cut open and I stared into the face of a blonde-haired, purple-eyed being with pointy ears and a rather surprised look on his face. ‘’Who are you?” he asked. I was still too drugged to answer, so I just stared. The pointy-eared people took me back with them, apparently suspicious of me. They mostly spoke a language of their own, but my captor kept talking to me and asking questions in English. I pieced together enough to figure out that these people were elves and that my captor was the prince, named Legolas. I was led before their king, another astonishingly blonde pointy-eared person who looked down on me with distaste. ‘’What is the meaning of this?’’ he demanded. ‘’We found her in the forest, father,’’ Legolas said. ‘’The spiders had gotten her.’’ ‘’What is your name, child?’’ the king asked me. I stared boldly at him. ‘’Evenstar.’’ ‘’And what were you doing in my domain?’’ I was silent. How could I tell him about Artemis’ portal? ‘’Answer me,’’ the king said impatiently. I stared. The interrogation went all downhill from that point. The king would ask me questions, which I would avoid or ignore. Finally he resorted to threats. ‘’If you do not answer me, Evenstar, I will throw you in my dungeons.’’ ‘’Go ahead,’’ I challenged, glaring. Then Legolas, who had been watching with interest and amusement, stepped in. ‘’Wait father, don’t lock her up. Give her to me.’’ ‘’What?’’ ‘’Let her be my apprentice. She has spunk. And she’s different. I think we could learn from her just as she could learn from us.’’ After a great amount of drama from the king, I was eventually handed over to the prince. He became my mentor for the next few years. I learned the ways of the elves. I could move, fight, speak, shoot, and drink just as well as any other Silvan elf. I loved my new life. Legolas became my closest friend. He taught me everything. In return, I told him about Sherlock and the Doctor and the portal. And about my shapeshifting abilities. It was our secret.

Half-Elf, Half-Shape shifter

On my fourteenth birthday, Legolas took me along to my first real battle. Orcs had attacked and the elves met them in combat. But the orcs were stronger than we had anticipated. Reinforcements from Lorien had arrived, but still the battle waged on. Toward the end of the battle, it had all been going well….then I was wounded. An orc had creeped up on me and had stabbed me through the back. I fell, blinded with pain, blood pooling around me. I was dying, I knew it. As the world went dark, I saw a white light and heard a soft voice speaking in the ancient tongue. I felt myself being healed. When I opened my eyes, I felt stronger. More alive. My senses were heightened, and I felt different. To my complete bewilderment, I wasn’t dead. ‘’How….that was a fatal wound! I should be dead!’’ ‘’No, my child.’’ I stiffened. It was the voice I had heard in my dreams. The Lady Galadriel was standing over me, smiling, but tired. ‘’My Lady,’’ I bowed my head, totally confused. Why was she here? ‘’I healed you,’’ she said. ‘’But it took strong magic to bring you back. I’m afraid…’’ My alarms went off. ‘’But what? What’s the catch?’’ ‘’You are different. The magic was too strong for you. It not only healed you, it literally changed you. The blood that flows through your veins is now partly Elvish. You are a Half-Elf.’’ I grabbed my ears. Yep, they were pointed. I was a Half-Elf. I don’t know how it happened, or why the Lady Galadriel had come to my aid, (although I suspect Legolas had had something to do with it) but I decided to accept it. After all, it wasn’t too bad. I would age much slower than mortal humans. I had the senses of an elf. Elvish came naturally. And I would look like a teenager for centuries. Not bad for almost dying. So for three hundred years I lived in Mirkwood as an elf. I had completely forgotten about Sherlock, about the portal, about my other life.


The dwarves had come and gone. It had been the most exciting thing to happen in centuries! When Thorin and his company had escaped Thranduil’s dungeons, we thought it was all over. Then the news of Smaug’s death, and I was curious. I had never seen a dragon before. So I set out for Laketown on my own. I reached the edge of the lake and looked around. I searched in vain for the huge body of a dead, golden dragon in the water, but not a sign. I went back to the shore, disappointed. ‘’Looking for something?’’ That voice. I knew that voice. I turned around to see a familiar figure. ‘’Sherlock,’’ I croaked, tears welling up in my eyes. ‘’It was you, wasn’t it? You are Smaug.’’ ‘’Clever girl,’’ Sherlock said. ‘’It took you a few centuries, but you finally solved the riddle.’’ ‘’Why did you leave me?’’ I asked. ‘’To save you, and John, and Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade. Also, I need a holiday. And Middle-Earth is the best place to spend a vacation as a dragon, wouldn’t you agree?’’ ‘’But…but I thought the Lakeman killed you!’’ Sherlock laughed. ‘’My dear girl, no one can kill Sherlock Holmes.’’ I hugged him. ‘’I’m glad I found you.’’ ‘’So shall we return to the dear old flat at Baker Street?’’ I was silent for a moment. ‘’No. I’m a Half-Elf now. This is my home. I’m sorry, but I can’t go back to Earth.’’ Sherlock understood. He told me he would visit often, and we exchanged a final goodbye before he turned and disappeared into the forest. I watched him leave. I didn’t cry. I went back to Mirkwood. I had found Sherlock, and now I concentrated even harder in my apprenticeship. I told Legolas about finding Sherlock. ‘’So if Sherlock traveled to Middle-Earth, it must be possible for the Doctor to get her, too!’’ ‘’How?’’ ‘’Who knows,’’ I shrugged. ‘’A wardrobe, for all we know.’’ We laughed.

The Fellowship

Sixty years later, Legolas told me his father was sending him to Rivendell to attend a council. He was taking me along. I wasn’t allowed to attend the council, but I hid behind a column and watched anyway. There were two hobbits there, too. They introduced themselves as Merry and Pippin. We watched the council in deep interest until my fellow eavesdroppers left to join the Fellowship. I lingered behind, and then attacked Legolas as he left the patio. “Can I come?” “Most definitely not,” he said. “It’s too dangerous. I want you to stay far away from Mordor, Evenstar.” But I had made up my mind. I was going. The next day, the Fellowship set out. I followed them. For miles, I trekked along after them without them noticing me. It wasn’t until we reached the Gates of Moria that they finally discovered me. Well, inside the Gates of Moria. Legolas was furious, but there was nothing he could do. We were trapped inside the mountain with no way to turn back. The others found my sudden appearance very amusing. The hobbits stuck by my side, and as the youngest of the company, they accepted me at once as one of them. A very sulky Legolas was forced to go along with it. Frodo, especially, seemed to trust me as a friend. When Frodo and Sam left to go to Mordor alone, I went with them. I endured the hardships and the trials along with them. I backed up Sam against Gollum, which caused Frodo to turn against me. I went with Sam through Shelob’s Lair, nearly getting eaten and having a panic attack at meeting the huge spider, and was with Frodo and Sam when the Ring was destroyed. When we got back, after I recovered, Legolas yelled at me for ten minutes straight without pausing. Then he hugged me. “I’m glad you’re safe. Just, when are you ever going to learn to do as you’re told?”

The Next Chapter

It Started Out As A Feeling, Which Then Grew Into A Hope

As Legolas’ apprentice, I tagged along with him everywhere. When Thranduil sent him to Narnia as ambassador of the Mirkwood Realm, I went too. Narnia and Middle-Earth were becoming allies and representatives from all the races of Middle-Earth were going to attend the signing of the treaty at Cair Paravel in Narnia. When I first saw the land of Narnia, it took my breath away. It was beautiful. It was so like Middle-Earth, yet so different. The palace itself was packed full of people, beasts, and other creatures. Legolas was engaging in a rather dull conversation with other Narnian nobles, I was so bored that I went to stand by the balcony, looking out at the ocean. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” I whirled around and my heart skipped a beat. Talk about the scenery being beautiful, the young man standing behind me was drop-dead gorgeous! It was love at first sight for me. Then I realized that I was staring and made an effort to regain my senses. For some reason I couldn’t think straight. “Uh, um, yes. Yes it is.” My mind raced as I tried to think of something intelligent to say. “My name’s Evenstar,” I finally said. He smiled. “Evenstar. That’s a lovely name. I’m Edmund.” That smile. It made me melt inside. We talked and talked, I made him laugh, and he made me laugh, and the more we talked, the more I fell in love with Edmund. From what I had pieced together, he was a seventeen year old Narnian noble. Then he let it slip that he was from Earth, and he was stunned to hear that I was, as well. I had never met anyone like this. We had so much in common! We were still deep in an animated conversation when Legolas butted in. “Evenstar, it’s time for the—your majesty!” And to my utter confusion, Legolas dipped his head in a bow at Edmund. “Your majesty?” I asked. Edmund shrugged, looking uncomfortable. “I’m, er, sort of the king of Narnia. Well, I mean, my brother’s the High King, but…” he trailed off, seeing the look on my face. “I was afraid you’d be too formal if you knew who I was. I should have told you. I was going to, but I was enjoying our conversation so much I didn’t want to ruin it. I’m sorry, Evie.” Evie? He called me Evie. No one but Sherlock and Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson had ever called me that. There was no way I could be angry with him. “That’s okay,” I said, trying hard to control the grin on my face. “Come along, Evenstar,” Legolas firmly escorted me away. “WilI see you again?” Edmund called after me. “I hope so!” I answered. Legolas hissed in my ear, “Evenstar, he’s royalty. HUMAN royalty. You’re a Half-Elven shape shifter. It wouldn’t work out. Just forget about him, and save yourself the heartache, alright? Trust me on this. Remember Tauriel.” But I wasn’t listening. I was thinking about Edmund and how much I wanted to see him again.

Queen of Narnia

During our long stay in Narnia, I met with Edmund often. We became best of friends, and despite Legolas’ threats, warnings, bribes, commands, and drama meltdowns during our stay in Narnia, I continued to ignore my mentor. When it was time to return to Middle-Earth, I begged Legolas to let me stay. He wearily agreed. So I continued to live in Cair Paravel. The Pevensies accepted me as part of their family, they even made it a daily routine to tease Edmund and I about our relationship. Or the fact that we didn’t have one. For another year, we continued to be best friends. He didn’t care I was a few centuries older than him. It took him a while to actually believe me, as I only looked seventeen. Then one night, as the sky was full of the magnificent brilliance of a sunset, on the roof of the palace (yes we had gotten stuck on the roof. Don’t ask, it’s a very long story.) he finally asked me to marry him. I don’t remember my complete reaction, except that it involved much screaming/laughing/crying on my part. Then, “Yes! Oh, yes.” And we kissed, and nearly fell off the roof. In all, it was a pretty good day.

So I was crowned queen of Narnia. I became Queen Evenstar the Fair. Edmund and I were wed, and it was the happiest day of my life. The great lion Aslan himself married us. Legolas and Thranduil were there, as were Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, King Aragorn and his Lady Arwen, and countless other Middle-Earthian friends. Sherlock, John, and his new wife Mary came. The Doctor even showed up (late, as usual). Friends I had collected over the years who had not been affected by the time differences of this world. Legolas said he forgave me for being the worst apprentice ever.

Evenstar and Edmund

Me and Ed

The Plot Twist

Remember that portal that got me to Narnia? Did you forget about it? Well surprise, surprise. It came back to haunt me. Believe me, being captured by that infuriating Fowl boy and dragged back to Earth was not at all how I imagined life as a Narnian Queen would be. I made the mistake of wandering alone in the forest one day, unarmed, and suddenly felt the cold barrel of a gun being pressed to the back of my head. "I wouldn't move if I were you," came a familiar, silky voice. "Fowl," I snarled. "What are you doing here?" "Collecting my runaway experiment. You do realize that I was never planning on leaving you in this world, don't you?" I slowly turned to face him. "Why now? After three centuries, NOW you decide to ruin my life?" "Yes, interesting point. Only three days have passed in our world. The time is different. Now come along, I want to try and get back before dark." I inwardly cursed myself for not bringing along my bow. I had no choice but to go with him.

Back Through The Portal

We ended up back in Artemis' lab. It brought back a wave of horrible memories. My tiger instincts began to take over and I panicked. Artemis called his bodyguard and Butler soon rendered me unconscious. Which was a good thing at the moment.

It was nearly a week before I could escape the lab. In a state of all-out-panic, I had gotten stuck in tiger form so it wasn't difficult getting past the guards. I ran from the house and out of the moors, heading for England. Finally I reached London, calmer now, and was able to transform back. I stumbled through the door of 221B, pushed past a stunned Mrs. Hudson, burst into the flat and curled up on Sherlock's chair and sobbed. No one was able to comfort me.

For a week, I wouldn't leave the flat. My life had just been ripped away from me. My husband, my friends, my world. All gone. I couldn't believe it. I lost interest in everything and fell into depression. Finally, I had had enough. I left 221B. I couldn't stay there anymore. I needed to find a way back to Narnia. Numb with grief and desperate beyond sanity, I traveled around the world again and again, searching in vain for another portal.

Then I met Elise Nicole.


My first Evie pic


The Search...and Demigods

Unlike most humans, Elise Nicole, when I asked if she knew of a way to get to Narnia, didn't stare at me like I as crazy and back away slowly before calling the cops. She wanted to find a way to Narnia as well! She wanted to help me find it. So I let her travel with me. We became friends. It was hard for me at first, hiding my true identity and my real reasons for finding the portal, but I grew accustomed to it.

It was about this time that I started noticing strange looking monsters following me. And cows. Seriously, what was THAT about? Sometimes we ran into other kids who were also running from (or after) these monsters. Humans didn't seem to notice them! It was weird. The kids themselves weren't even human, part god or something like that. We were in an alley in New York, hiding with a group of other teens who were hunting some monster called a manticore, when something strange happened. A glowing symbol in the shape of an owl appeared above my head. The other kids started back. "A halfblood! A child of Athena!" One of the girls, a blond with grey eyes, pushed forward. "I'm Annabeth, my mom is Athena, too. That makes us sisters!" "Wait. WHAT??" I backed away. "Athena, the goddess?" "Of course! How old are you anyway? How is it that you have survived so long alone? And why has mom only just now claimed you?" Yeah, there was no way I could tell this girl I was over three hundred years old. Or that the reason I hadn't been claimed or killed before was that I hadn't even been on earth long enough for either fate. Talk about cheating destiny. With all eyes staring at me, I did the logical thing. I grabbed Elise by the hand and took off running, out of the alley and into the huge maze of New York City.

The Wardrobe

Then it hit me. I remembered how Edmund and his siblings had gotten to Narnia. A wardrobe. It had been like, what, seventy years ago? But I stubbornly refused to doubt. This was the only way back. We had to find that wardrobe.

Weeks later, we found it. In the corner of a musty, sleepy little hand-me-up shop back in London. I stroked the carvings in the dark wood of the wardrobe doors. "This is it," I whispered. "I know this is it." Elise was just as excited as I was. "We found it!" We purchased the wardrobe and had it sent to 221B Baker Street. Sherlock was not thrilled when the moving men lugged it up to the flat. But one glance at Elise and I was enough for him to deduce the rest. We set up the wardrobe in my old room. Trembling, I opened the door. "Let's go to Narnia," I said. Elise grinned. "You go first. So that if anything is on the other side, it will eat you first." I stepped into the wardrobe.

And into Narnia.

Founding of The Annoying Role Players

But we had been followed. Other loners and oddities, both human and non-human alike, had been watching us. A few of them came through the Wardrobe after us. They approached us, wanting to travel with us. How could I say no? Our little group made its way through the woods, having adventures and finding peril left and right. By the time we reached Cair Paravel, I had made up my mind. I wouldn’t stop traveling. I couldn’t leave the adventure, or my new-found friends.

We called ourselves simply the Fellowship. Elise and I became the leaders and I monitored the traveling between the worlds, as I owned the wardrobe. The Fellowship would grow and change, new people would come and old friends would leave. But aside from the occasional worrisome event or chaotic change (and who am I kidding...many of those would pop up in the future), life was good.

I THINK MY BIO IS FINALLY DONE, PEOPLE!! I might just end it like this.