Emerald Lyrra FathbornEdit

Emerald Lyrra Fathborn lost both of her parents at a young age. She was raised by her Aunt, who taught her magic. When she turned 18, she was caught in a spell meant for two powerful immortal beings. Her Aunt, who cast the spell, meant to seal the two away in an amulet. However, Emerald's presence drew the two immortals into her, sealing them inside of her. Her aunt was horrified, they quickly learned that the other two could forcibly control Emerald's body. Her Aunt took her to, Matthis to teacher her to fight their control. Matthis taught her not only to fight them, but to speak to them, and use their powers as well. Emerald learn that the beings trapped inside of her had very important jobs. So in return for them not trying to claw her control away, she would continue to do their jobs with their help. From that day on she changed her name to Emerald Inia Khaos. Taking on the names of the two immortals in her, Inia Luna Hawthorn and Celestial Ann Khaos.

Emerald (Signed)

Emerald Lyrra Fathborn

Emerald Inia KhaosEdit

Emerald Inia Khaos, works as the Protector of the Multiuniversal Borders, and Defender of Ishatcktar. She works alongside Void, Essence, and Order. She constantly deals with Inia trying to get out despite their agreement. If she loses focus, Inia takes control and generally makes a mess of things. Once in a while Khaos will take control and clean up messes but only when her family is involved. 

Inia Luna Hawthorn Edit

Inia Luna Hawthorn used to be simply Inia. She was an angel until she chose to follow her older brother which ended with both of them falling. She worked as the Defender of Ishatcktar until She was sealed into Emerald. She tends to be cruel and a teeny bit psychotic. 


Inia Luna Hawthorn

Celestial Ann Khaos Edit

Formally know as Lady Khaos, Khaos was a high ranking Angel, she chose to remain neutral during the war. Due to that, she remains on good terms with both sides of the family. She worked as the Protector of the Multiuniversal Borders until she was sealed in Emerald. Khaos has a bad habit of destroying anything and anyone who dares to hurt her family. Unfortunately, she has a hard time staying focused. The best way to describe her is as morally grey.


Celestial Ann Khaos