Gah, my brother says I need to fill all this out before I can "Become a proper member of TARP." Well, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this right. My name is Elessar Mithrandir, I am a 908 year old wizard from the lost kingdom of Astarel far to the west. I am a Senior Member of the Council of Merlin, and the White Sun Court. My only remaining blood family is my brother Olaf Whitsen.


For now (at least until my brother pesters me enough), I prefer to keep any information about my past to myself. Anything that has accidentally been let slip has almost definitely been made completely public for the world to see by ... my brother.

No Olaf, I am not going to write about that, that's personal and you know it

Fine but I still can't believe you never eve



These are some of the titles I have earned in my travels.

Wielder of the Demonbane

Knight of the Magi

High Archmage of the Tower of the Eldars

Apprentice of the Grey Pilgrim

Keeper of the Scrolls of Arnoron

Guardian of the Tree

The Dragon of the North

Black fire

Deaths Vassal

Star Bringer

Time Weaver

Comet Rider


I once freed a Red Dragon from being enslaved and sold by a gang of trolls. In exchange, she allowed me to take 1 item from her hoard (Originally I was going to take a flower that would give me back my memory from the past few weeks but I saw an something powerful that caught my eye and well, I've always found it difficult to say no to free power). I was about to leave, when she told me her eldest hatchling was ready to leave the nest and begin his own hoard, and that he wanted to go with me. I agreed with (I'm not proud to say) No hesitation and named him Smaug, after the last of the great fire drakes. Since then, Smaug has been traveling with me, usually curled up sleeping in my bag (until recently that is). A few years later, I introduced him to Rootbeer... Smaug, enjoyed it. So much so if fact, that the mere mention of it is enough to wake him up from sleep, and if there is a single drop in a 2 mile radius, he can smell it. Recently while I was on a diplomatic mission with one of the Fey lords, Smaug snuck into their cellar and drank an entire barrel of Elven Rootbeer (keep in mind, he's only about the size of a small dog). (The debts that that got me into) It had... strange effects on him. In just 2 days, Smaug grew to the size of a small car, and from what I know of dragon anatomy, he wasn't supposed to reach that size for another 60 years or so!

The Demonbane

The sword I use is called "The Demonbane". So far, I have found it can be used to slice straight through almost any enchantment. And when drawn in times of need, the sword will shine a blinding white light, that forces all dark things to shy away. My current theory is that someone made it in an attempt to replicate one of the Swords of the Cross (given its design, most likely Fidelacchius). I'm positive there are more uses for it, I just haven't found them yet.

Soul Staff

The Staff I carry is called a Soul Staff. I have, on several occasions, made mentions of "the voice in my head". In my earlier dungeon raiding years, when I was still blissfully naive, I picked up a staff held by a statute atop a grave, and was immediately drawn into a battle of wills between me and the souls of the previous owners of the staff, the victor gaining complete and utter domination over the other. The battle waned and waxed for a while, until I was finally able to tear myself away from the staffs psychic grip on me. But in that battle, I had gained dominion over one of the souls trapped within. A wizard by the name of Vorsol Remvar. At the same time, there were occasions when the staff had nearly pulled in all of my soul. I was able to reclaim most but not all of it. Unfortunately, I believe that the only way for me to get all of it back is to die. The portion of my soul still remaining in my body would leave and seek out the rest of itself. There in the staff it would be trapped, until either it broke, or another took it up.

The World of Magic

See Elessar's Notebook for more information.


  • Potion kit
  • Ball of Sunlight
  • Shrunken Medusa's Head
  • Chameleon Cloak
  • Narya
  • Magic Insulating Gloves
  • Chalk
  • Force ring
  • Magic storing Belt
  • Magic shield arm guard
  • Soul Staff
  • Spirit Dagger
  • Scrying Mirror
  • The Demonbane
  • Bags of holding
  • Lembas bread
  • Notebook
  • Arcane wall chalk
  • Magic twine of entanglement
  • Pixie dust
  • Dragon scales, Claws and teeth
  • Various magic ingredients and trinkets
  • Cold iron dust
  • Shabti horse and eagle,
  • 1 vial of Lolth's Venom