Hey guys!  So first off, cutos to Olaf for this brilliant idea!  Anyway, like Xandra originally put on here, I am also known as Curly Girly, Curly Fry, CC, Curly, and the occasional A and Fries from Jack.  My real name is Audrey though. 

Joined TARP in August, (I think...)  and retired several times between November and December.  Finally retired on Christmas Eve of 2013.  I kept connections through kik and iMessage, but I am officially retired. (BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!! ---X) 

Excuses Excuses:

Thanks Xandy for including me in this Wiki!  I'll try to change and update it, but honestly, I'm retired and off Pandora. 

I'd love to say I have some cool character I was known as, but I don't.  I started out by meeting you guys in August, and I was eating Zyll's oreos.  Yep, that's pretty much it.

Now, on to the REAL article...

Curly Cues, or "CC" as she was more commonly known, is a Second Generation Member of TARP, joining about August, 2013.



CC has short, messy/wavy silver hair of about chin length, warm brown eyes, a wide smile and clear complexion. She is quite pretty and of about average height, not exceedingly athletic but very flexible. CC is usually outfitted in a dark green shirt, deep brown pants, a belt, soft leather boots, and a dark crimson cloak with hood.

She prefers the bow as her weapon of choice, but also is a talented witch and carries a 8" unicorn hair core, juniper wood wand with her as well. One of her most notable traits is her love of preparation, therefore pretty much anything and everything can be found in her satchel.

She is a kind, warm hearted person, quick to forgive and always welcoming. Though she prefers peace, this does not mean she is not a powerful adversary in war, fighting as well as any man when her friends are in need.


Curly Cues was born in Narnia, to a couple living in Cair Paravel. Her mother was Elena Cues, personal handmaiden to Queen Susan and her father was Detrich Cues, head blacksmith for the castle. Curly grew up in the castle walls, befriending pretty much every single breathing creature that she met. Everyone loved the little silver haired child and she loved them in return. Then one day the queens and kings went off on a hunt for a special stag. CC had never been outside of the castle walls, for her mother was a wee bit on the paranoid side. Curly, who was about 9 summers at this time, stealthily mounted her pet mule and followed the royal entourage into the woods. When in the woods, she was so enchanted by her surroundings that she lost sight of the hunters, and quickly became hopelessly lost. As darkness fell, she began to cry, fearing the woods and all of their evil. Suddenly, a light flickered through the trees. Leaving her mule behind, she trekked through the foliage, chasing that glimmer of light. Eventually, she found herself beholding a strange and wondrous sight, a large lamp post grown from the forest floor, flame flickering steadily and washing the clearing with golden light. As CC turned to look around her, she caught sight of something furry poking out of some pine trees. When she went to examine this strange sight, she found herself flanked on both sides by fur coats and a wooden door with a key hole straight in front of her. Curiosity pulled her forwards and she slowly turned the little knob on the door.....

Spayr Oom

She lived in England for 3 years, under the care of the Professor, who took pity on the lost child and took her in. They bonded and became almost inseparable over the months. Curly loved to talk about her life in Narnia, and the Professor loved to listen. He taught her the ways of the new home she had found, and comforted her as she mourned the loss of the old. Over time, her memories of Narnia faded and by the time she was 11 it almost seemed as if it were just a dream. On her 11th birthday, while Curly was sitting by the fire with the Professor and Mrs. McCreedy and enjoying a piece of cake, the little party was suddenly interuppted by a loud tapping at the window. Curly turned to look and could swear she had seen a golden owl fly away, leaving a thick envelope behind. When the mysterious correspondence was opened, she was shocked to find it was an acceptance letter to a prestigious school, a certain "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry". Curly was enthralled, the Professor was proud, and the McCreedy was doubtful. "Sounds like a scam to me," she harumphed. But a month later found her standing with the Professor, waving goodbye as CC ran through the barrier into Platform 9 3/4, a new adventure in sight.


CC was quickly placed in Hufflepuff and began her studies with enthusiasm. She was an excellent student and over the years of her education quickly became a promenent figure for Hufflepuff. She did well on most studies excelling particularly in Herbology.