Date of Birth: March 15, 2058

Place of Birth: Evanston, Wyoming


Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, 2069-2076

Academy For the Cosmos Ready, 2077-2079 DG (Distingished Graduate)

Traits Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Hight: 6'2"

Weight: 173 lbs.

Hair Color: Light brown

Facial hair: Minimal

  1. On jaw line; some occasions

Eye Color: Green

Stature: Lanky

IMG 20150814 164403 156

Main travel apparel

Wardrobe: Minimal.

  1. Travel outfit; consisting of worn Leather Travel Coat, random shirts of the era to blend in; bandolier, Black Tactical Trousers with Holster Belt, Custom Made Brown Leather Boots with a few buckles.
  2. Atraxi Police Uniform: Grey Frock coat, black button up uniform shirt, Grey tactical trousers bloused over black buckle up combat boots.

Personality Edit

Arlo keeps talking at a low minimum. Only when it is necessary, will he speak to the people around him. It is said to be very hard to read the cogs turning in his mind, as he is an extensive introvert. When he is tired or exhausted the introvert part of him starts to melt and he becomes somewhat "slap happy". Past this, he is very agreeable in nature and open to others ideas. He is a strong leader, especially in defensive situations involving air and spacecraft. Unfortunately, he lacks some of the boldness required to make hasty decisions. He is a big fan of the classic band Imagine Dragons, and will be playing their music in a vehicle almost every time he is traveling in one. Until someone complains that is.

Skills Edit

Incredibly skilled in Mechanical Engineering and BioMimicry. As a wizard, he has an above average knowledge of charms, spells, and curses. Wandless magic is not new to him as he has accomplished this many times. He does seek to broaden his education even more in these matters. Has sharper than most hearing and razor sharp reflexes ( I applaud you if you get that movie reference). Knows a lot of Time Lord History and facts, but finds this information useless in that most Gallifreyans are deceased. Deadly with his adamantium knife. Destructive with his firearm. Still working out the kinks with his Century Turner.

Part 1: The Beginning Edit

Chapter 1: Acquiring something important. Edit

Evanston, Wyoming is not the place you would expect a large scale wizard battle to go down, but I guess dark wizards don't care about things like that. I was 7 when the Great Equalizers, a terrorist dark wizard group with great magical weapons, tried to find a certain wizard in opposition to them, and nullify the threat. The group usually stayed in the French West Indies, but this was, I guess, important. My father and the other wizards in the community were alerted by the Republic of Magnik Holders (American version of the Ministry of Magic) that an Eques of theirs was fleeing to our area, so we were ready to defend ourselves and friends when the enemy arrived at our gates. The first sign of the coming battle was the Purple Sage Golf Course. The signaling charms we put up went crazy one day, and the main newspaper carried a story of dark streams of smoke appearing on and off over the trees. My father told me that it was the best staging area for their attack, so the next night we struck out to the course to to gain a little reconnaissance. I, without a wand at the time, was only allowed to follow very quietly and out of the way of the mission. After about 7 minutes of tramping as quietly possible through underbrush, we heard voices about 50 yards away from our position. Suddenly, a earsplitting screech cut through the silent night and then was cut off itself. You would never believe the agonizing period of silence that something like this produces. We all looked over and saw a disheveled young wizard trying to escape from a tangle of enchanted bells and weirdly shaped sphere objects. A barrage of spells whizzing by our bodies sent my group running, dodging and sending back their own spells. Soon we where in a strong position, able to turn the tide. The group of dark wizards scattered for the center of the green. Spell after spell slammed into the ranks of our enemy, stunning them and sending them spinning to the ground. A few stragglers leaped away, just to be caught and restrained. I saw one and ran off to find him. I came around a tree and saw a human form laying under a large oak tree. I poked it and it moved. I was terrified to death.

"Come here, boy..."

I took one step forward.

"For such respectable wizards, someone knows how to cast a nasty spell..."

I then saw the massive wound on the left side of his chest. Nasty indeed. I guess a friend got a little carried away.

" I don't have much time, and this needs to be passed on."

He motioned to give me a circular object clutched in his palm, but collapsed. He had just breathed his last. I looked in his rough hand for the pressing object he needed to hand over. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. It was a collection of four bronze rings with runelike inscriptions connected to each other with an hourglass in the middle. I kept it for 5 more years till I inquired the name and purpose of this strange trinket.

Chapter 2: Unusual schooling Edit


Unlike most American children, I went overseas for middle-high school. And unlike most children that do attend a school overseas, I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was chosen as a Slytherin student, and keeper for our Quidditch team in my second to sixth year. It was during my time here that I had a passion for finding out what the strange little metal object that in my possession was called and what it did. During my second year, I gathered up the courage to present my treasure to my small group of friends. They aahed and oohed as they passed it around, but none had a clue into what it was. One boy, Hyman Stroug, said his father was an Old Magic Antiquities collector who had a shop on Diagon Ally. He said he could sketch a picture of it and show it to him over holiday break, hoping the identity would be discovered. I made him promise to say we ran across it in a book, and he sketched it, put it in his book bag and we all continued our second year, normally. As normal as this school could be, that is. We all went home over the holidays, myself to a boring winter in Wyoming. When we arrived back at the old castle as glorious third years, Hyman, quickly found me, pulled me aside right before the Great Feast and asked me to turn my prize jewel in, to which I said,

"No. Why should I?"

He pleaded with me, "It's dangerous and a Forbidden Item! Turn it in!"

"What is it? Did your dad know what it is?"

"Yes. He said it was a...he said it was a Century Turner."

"Wait, like a Time Turner?"

"Yes, but it folds back-"

"-centuries. Does he know how to use it?"

"Barely anyone knows that much about it. You should turn it in! You could be-"

His sentence was cut of by a teacher running down the hallway after a young witch with smoldering hair and a scream that could kill a whole flock of Hippogriffs from 50 yards.

"If you aren't going to turn it in, keep it locked away until you leave the school."

"If it really is as dangerous as you say, i'll do just that."

"Thank you, Arlo. Now let's go enjoy this feast."

The rest of my years were spent in a fair amount of peace, and long nights studying.

Part 2: Past Earth's Reach Edit

Chapter 1: AFCR Attune Year Edit

As soon as I graduated from Hogwarts, I ventured into the recently founded Academy For the Cosmos Ready. This is a school that takes the best candidates in this sector of our galaxy, and trains them to be the top strategic leaders of the universe. The Academy program is based in Svalbard, Norway, tucked behind spiring mountains away from all other civilization. Only a certain amount of candidates are qualified, and only a small few are chosen. A team of 14 college age cadets and I spent 17 months here, immersed in War History, 3 Dimensional Combat Simulators, intense shinobi torēningu, Science, Engineering and, surprisingly, a small portion of Art. This was just the beginning. After we endured a fierce evaluation of our skill level, in which 7 cadets did not graduate to the next year, we were allowed exactly 1 month at our homes before we moved on into the second portion. That time, for me at least, was well spent visiting friends, relatives, and putting my life on Earth on the top level of the proverbial bookshelf. The Second Phase was stationed at an unidentified space port somewhere in our solar system. Its true location was, and still is, shrouded in mystery to protect the candidates during the training. This portion was said of to be extremely taxing on the human body, mentally and physically. It is very realistic of actual wartime strategic situations. On August 15, 2078, my dwindled squadron boarded the ESS Nor for our life deciding journey. Strapped in to the life support crew seats, mine was seat 20d, we felt our engines rumble to life like a tectonic plate shift. The engines thrust the ship forwards and we lurched backwards into the comfy padding of the seats as the grinding sound of the launch ramp filled every bit of space inside the bay. The ramp was located at the Mojave Air and Space Port, CA, which was the very first of the space ports on Earth. Then the grinding ceased. Silence alone was all you could hear above the rumbling powerplants. We were airborne. After 6 minutes hurtling through U.S. airspace, a new sound presented itself. This was higher pitched friction kind of sound that caused the whole ship to shudder right down to its main frame. After 13 minutes of this din, there was nothing. No sound. No rumbling. Pure quietude. We had been released from the Earth's pulling orbit. Our bodies pulled against the restraint belts as a result of the micro gravity outside of our atmosphere. Unfortunately, this craft was void of windows in the bay, so no breathtaking views seen. A member of the crew, I believe he was the load master, crawled down the ladder from the cockpit and contacted us over the intercom,


I looked at my time piece. It read 0947 Zulu. Almost 12 hrs. till arrival. It must be a very close station. Or we have a very advanced ship. I reclined my seat, then tried to fall asleep. It took another 2 hrs, but I finally did. I drifted into a dream that I was the load master telling cadets to GO TO SLEEP. The rest had something to do with an opera whale, but I was interrupted by a blaring alarm screeching in my ears. I opened my eyes and looked at my watch. 2001. Just as he said. I slipped my hand around the lever and put my seat back in the upright position, and saw everyone around me doing likewise. Clunking down the ladder brought all of our attention to the front of the bay.


Some of the cadets chuckled. I looked down at my chat device, powered it up, and waited for some conversing.

hello, it's reptar --seat12d

hey --seat3c

hi --seat14f

why dont we have wndows? --seat12e

to keep the location of the base secret duh --seat13a

whats so secret??? --seat2b

every thing we do is confidential [seat2b] --seat20d

we're special i suppose --seat2b

you could say that --seat20b

lets talk about krispy kreme :0 --seat20f

I looked over at the cadet two seats away. She shrugged and made a face.

im done lets talk in person later --seat20d

I shut off my chat page and looked around at the home page to see if there was anything else interesting. I came up dry. The screen did a weird glitch, then shut off after I hit the start switch again. I looked at my watch. 2037. Then, something in the surroundings changed. All the shinobi torēningu we had made me aware of the change in the engine's sound pitch. They were not as deafening anymore. The pitch change was caused by intentional power cut. We had started our landing patterns. Much to my chagrin, the micro gravity did not allow me to feel the inertia changes, so I couldn't follow the path of the base legs and final approach. 5 minutes later, all power decreased. 1 minute later, a terrible low grating sound vibrated through the floor and up the seats. Contact on the receiving rail. This was now home for a year.

Chapter 2: AFCR Stratigic Year Edit

We were told that The Academy was located on one of Jupiter's moons, though they didn't tell us which one. A few members of my squadron are guessing that it's Ganymede, based on our position compared to the gas giant. The facility was a sprawling space port that was used for important Atraxi Police missions only. It kind of grew on me. During my second year, I was truly introduced to wartime actions as a leader. Inside the school, there is a simulation program that puts you in a dark "War Room" for 7-12 days with a large 3D holographic display board with all the information of a battle. Four types of battles put me to the test against my peers: Ground War, Air War, Hydro War, and Zero Gravity War. Every Student competes in 2 battles, and studies in depth between the battles. This made up of 57% of our grade, so you could smell the competion. No one wanted to lose. In preparation of this, we did our school work in dim environments to get used to the dark setting. The battles I competed in were the Ground War, and the Zero Gravity War. Both battles were similar, but here is the report for the Ground War so you get an idea of how it works.

The Ground War Simulation.

Instructor: CmdMaj Robert Frost


C/CaptG. Jenafer Reptar: 4,000 troops, 20 Tank Battalions, 3 artillery Divisions

C/CaptC. Arlo Dobeson: 2,000 troops, 23 Tank Battalions, 5 Artillery Divisions


Terrain: Mountainous

Weather: Dispearsed Cloud Coverage, Light Rain

Seismic Activity: Non

Day One Upper Hand: Cadet Reptar

Day Two Upper Hand: Cadet Reptar

Day Three Upper Hand: Cadet Reptar

Day Four Upper Hand: Cadet Reptar

Day Five Upper Hand: Cadet Dobeson

Day Six Upper Hand: Cadet Dobeson

Day Seven Upper Hand: Cadet Dobeson

Course: Cadet Reptar had the advantage with Mt. Fove under her command, and successfully beat back Cadet Dobeson's strikes for all of Day 1. On Day 2, Cadet Dobeson had placed 3 artillery divisions, and 13 Tank Battalions East at Pass 02's base, prepped for assault. Cadet Reptar's intelligence learned of this move on Day 3, unfourtunately, too late. Cadet Dobeson's force had already spread across a distance of 3 nm, far too wide for any counterattack to affect the opposition. Cadet Dobeson pulled back his front force on Day 4 to let Cadet Reptar take action and spring the offensive. Cadet Reptar utilized an ingenious artillery group formation to provide wide spread destruction on Cadet Dobeson's East Line of artillery. Cadet Dobeson ordered his Tank Battalions to move forward to a line only 1/2 nm away from Mt. Fove's base, easlly in range of Cadet Reptar's front guns, to draw fire and put Cadet Reptar in an impossible situation. On the morning of Day 5, Cadet Dobeson's strike line at Pass 02 opened fire on the top of Mt. Fove to destroy Cadet Reptar's Main Radar and bring debris down on the heads of Cadet Reptar's troops. On a miscalcuation, the shells flew over the top of the peak, becoming friendly fire on Cadet Dobeson's Front Line. Imediately, the guns were scilenced. Recalculation took up 2 hours of the day. In those 2 hours, Cadet Reptar moved foot troops against the Tank Battalions at thebase of Mt. Fove. Cadet Dobeson cooly shifted the line 1 nm to the east and ordered the 2 remaining artillery divisions on the southwest side of Mt. Fove to open fire, again on the peak of the mountain. This time the calculations were exact. Cadet Reptar's Main Radar was destroyed, and her foot troops were cut of from Cadet Reptar's command room, but the peak of the mountain remained stable under the bombardment. When the tow hours passed by, Cadet Dobeson's Assault line at Pass 02 opened fire with new calculations, which were also exact. The peak of Mt. Fove broke underneath the intense pressure and slid in pieces down the sides, wreaking havoc, including most of Cadet Reptar's artillery. The bombardment lasted through out the rest of Day 5 and Day 6. Cadet Dobeson ordered a cease fire. The base lines called in that the entire mountain's surface was upturned. Cadet Dobeson's foot troops advanced forward to take the mountain. On Day 7, Cadet Reptar surrendered her banner to Cadet Dobeson.

Champion: C/CaptC. Arlo Dobeson

When I came out of the simulation room, I was so weak that I almost collapsed. I slept for 13 hours straight as soon as I reached my bay. I was glad to hear that Reptar still graduated due to her amazing skills as a pilot, I mean, she could fly anything. She was a DG of our flight training class, so we all knew she wouldn't fail. She had a great future. 2 months later I competed in my second battle, the Zero Gravity Battle, and won, but barely. Now I was just 1 month from putting on my gold bars as a Lieutenant Commander, the starting grade for a stratigic officer. Then my first assignment. All in one months time.

Part 3: First and Last Assignments Edit

Chapter 1: Conflict Inside the Atraxi Police Edit

My graduation parade and cerimony was small, but good. All my instructors, fellow cadets, and a few high up dignitaries of the AP, including some strange atraxian generals. They looked like large eyeballs in suits of armor. The reason for their showing, I did not know. Out of 15 cadets that started the Stratigic Year, 13 graduated. After all of the pomp and circumstance faded away,13 proud new officers had our Lieutenant Commander bar epaulets placed on our shoulders. Previously, we were given our first assignment. Many went to stations on ports and meteors, but I was sent to command a small detail of mechanics on the Raems Class carrier, "Bycku". It was a perfect job for a first starting officer. For 31 months I lead this division until I was placed in the head of the support squadron on the Imenio Class crusier, "Dominae". By this time I had been promoted 3 times under the zone (early) to the grade of Captain First Class. I was part of the top executive command, and things ran smoothly. In this position, I heard a lot more high up information, and a lot of treasonous rumors. One rumor that stood out and was most likely true was that the Atraxi Faction of the Police had become extremely racist against the Human Faction, and that it sometimes showed up in small "accidents" that involved human death. Everyone spoke of the idea that the eyeball creepies wanted to dissolve the Human Faction. When we talked about it, many had the opinion that it was just a rumor and nothing more, but many also believed that it was true. We argued until no one knew what to think. Things went normally and well for about 9 months after the rumors started to fly. I was promoted to Command Captain. My squadron was given an exellence award. Then, only small things changed. A few changes in staff a little earlier than usual were noticed but dismissed. Then high command gave us orders to dock at AEIS1 Space Port and stay there until we were reassigned. This would delay our entire mission and my next staff duty date. The captain sent word back asking for a rethink, but was violently threatened with dismissal if he did not follow orders quickly. We docked at the port in 2 months and waited for orders. During this time the crew was given small increments of leave to explore the small cluster city that surrounded the station and to keep up morale mostly. For 4 months, we sat doing nothing. In this time, I explored the city and found it amazing. The knowledge that came from the experience of the life and culture of this dust city was something that I would use in the future, and wpuld save my life. Finally we were ordered to resume the mission that we had been on before. By now it was too late to successfully complete the mission. The captain demanded the reason for the waylay. Within a month, he was stripped from his position and sent back to Earth. I recieved my assignment, and was appalled. I was to remain on the "Dominae" and come over command of the obscure Time Lord Science Division. I was not even qualified for this position, and could not figure out why I was put in charge. What use would I be there? I submitted a recall pleade, and was also threatened with dismissal from the Police. I took this job with anger, even though I tried to find everything worth liking. It was not easy. Then all the pieces fell into place. The Atraxi were starting the split. The split that would lead to desolation of the Human Factor. A war was brewing. The last thing that the Atraxi wanted was to have a strong Human opposition for this upcoming war. All they had to do is put the opposition in disarray, then claim an easy victory.

Chapter 2: The End of My Police Career Edit

(Coming Soon)