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The go to people for all your TARP problems, they may be hard to deal with, but with enough time and energy they will probably be able to respond to your problems, as well as being able to help you into TARP. They have stuck with TARP through many trials and consider their fellow members almost like a second family. 

"There is the absurdly funny demi-god Meg, the noble and steadfast Kale, the witty warrior Zyll, the kind swords-master Potter, the evil genius Olaf, the loyal and bold Percy, the courageous and kind Believah, the quick-minded Fira, the excitable and curious Eva, the helpful and brave Rachel, and the fierce archer Nevah. They have accepted me into this family, and together we brave giants, witches, superheroes, gods, Death Eaters, Telmarines and potatoes. Though we were persecuted by many adversaries, we slipped away and founded a new world named PRAT. Here, against all odds, we stand, and here we stay. Bound by our common love of writing, friendship, books, and magic, we have created a place where physical distance cannot sever the bonds of true friendship.I am proud to be a TARPer."

--Xandra in an interveiw for an article about the mysterious group "TARP" for December's issue of Wizarding Weekly

"Yeah, so basically, we're all nuts, and I don't understand how we're cool enough to be interviewed"

"Wait Xandra did you just indirectly say a line from Let it Go?

--Meg in the same interview

Anything is possible. Your guys' nuttyness never bothered me anyway...

-Xandra's reply

Right back at you, my dear. We're all mad here...

--Evenstar's comment during same interview

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