One of three consciousnesses occupying Nevah Gold's mind. A violent individual who is the embodiment of primitive instinct and blood-lust.

History[edit | edit source]

Canamaria Zapier was created in the month that Nevah Gold spent raving with insanity. She has recounted the first time being in control of Nevah's body as "falling out of a warm, comfortable, protective nest into a cold world of corporeal things and flesh encasement. Honestly, I'm surprised everyone isn't as murderous as me."

In the beginning, Canamaria was unable to express her own specific personality or even announce her name. As she grew more comfortable as a passenger in Nevah's head, she started to be able to act more freely instead of being in a constant state of rage. Not that rage wasn't still her main trait, of course.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Contrary to popular belief, Canamaria is not totally evil. Most of the time she seeks to destroy, and isn't picky about what. She has, on the rare occasion her blood-lust is sated, in fact helped TARP of her own will when Nevah was mentally incapacitated.

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