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Greetings! I am Avior Silverana Shadestar of TARP or The Annoying Role-Players. (I think I may be the only Second generation Member left... How sad.) It was absolutely wonderful to meet new role-players and find my online family! I go by Avior online, but my OCs change depending on the role-play... Here is Avior:


Avior is a 2,879 year old black Dragoness that has lightning bolt shaped markings on her wings, paws, and the top of her head. She also wears a smooth, deep blue gem around her neck. This gem allows her to change between moon stages, the new moon stage being a full dragon, the quarter moon stage being a dragon that takes on a more human look (Including walking), and the half moon stage being a human with dragon wings, a tail, and ears. In each of her human stages, she looks like a teenage girl, 6'3" tall, with auburn colored hair and purple eyes with blue edged irises.


Avior's weapons as a dragon are her powers, she is the element of lightning, and thus has power over storms, her secondary element being sound (from a hatchling accident.) In human form, she has her powers over the elements as well, although they take the form of blasts from her palms and not blasts from her mouth, she also has a long, double-bladed sword and is skilled in many forms of hand-to-hand combat. Now for the clothing, In dragon form, she only has the necklace as a magical relic accessory, but as a human, she dresses in a deep purple short sleeved shirt, a chainmail short skirt with black leggings and knee high silver combat boots, she is also clad in silver armor on her shoulders, wings, tail, and arms.


When her markings come in contact with water, (I.E. clouds, a stream, or a storm) her lightning bolt markings will glow a royal purple. (The color depends on how much water her skin comes in contact with, in a cloud, they would glow faintly, whereas in water, they would glow a deep and almost neon purple)


This is by far the most tricky to explain, and I say this because I have many, MANY OCs, and they are all connected. But I will save that story for another time... This page will focus on just Avior.

She Is a Elemental Dragon, this means she has no known parents. Her egg was supposedly formed of lightning and appeared one day during the great dragon purge. It was found by two Instar warriors and kept for fear of the Offspring finding it and destroying it. These two dragons had another egg with them as well, a shadowflash egg who survived the purge, grew up, and went by the name of Lightning. Avior's egg survived as well, and after a close call with a nighttime dragon attack when she was eleven, she met Avon, a Stealthwing like herself. Avior had many adventures and battles with him and his three brothers, Slash, Flash, and young Stinger, and soon, she was reunited with her adoptive brother Lightning as well....

The Azula Instars Edit

Once Avior had set out to help a fellow dragoness named Aqua after running into her a few times here and there, Aqua needed to return to her homeland in the water Islands, on the outskirts of The Eleven Cliffs. The Eleven Cliffs were a group of Islands housing only dragons, and these Dragons had the power over the elements. Avior was soon to learn that she was one of the Nine Dragons who where born of the Elements, destined to retrieve, and keep the nine relics that protected Dragonkind.

Avior Silverana Shadestar (Formal)

Avior was the Element of Lightning, her powers (Once unlocked) allowed her to summon lightning storms, hold the bolts in her hand, and even manipulate water.

But when all was said and done, and Avior had been made a protector of Eleven Cliffs, she made a grave mistake that would affect her forever...

The Curse Edit

Soon after Avior was leading the Azula Instars on patrols around the Island, she began to abuse her power, even going so far as to revoke another Instars powers after a fight! Her mentor, Dydaria Watticol, would have no part in teaching a Instar who could not lead, thus she made it so that on every moon cycle, Avior would change her form from a dragoness with the power of an Instar, to a human girl with no magic at all.

"You will be forever like this until you learn to use your power with the maturity of a true Instar..." ~Dydaria: The Sky warriors; Book one: Avior~

Avior slowly learned to use her power as a leader should, but the time never came when she would be nothing but a dragon...

Attack of Gwain Ithil Edit


Avior Silverana Shadestar (Quarter Moon Stage)

The Offspring had found the home of the Instars! They overtook it, killing many of the dragons there. The Instars fought with a rage, driving back the oncoming battle as to protect those who were still alive. When the battle stopped, half the mountain had been destroyed, and many beloved dragon members had fallen, Including the former leader of the Instars: Dydaria Watticol. Thus Avior's punishment remained, for only Dydaria could remove the changing curse she had put on Avior. Heartbroken, Avior left to return to her family back on her home island of Elberk.


Hope you have enjoyed!